TVS Raider Super Squad Edition

TVS Raider 125 Marvel Edition Teased
TVS Raider 125 Marvel Edition Teased

TVS Raider Super Squad Edition Heroics – Likely to launch as a top-spec SX-clusive Marvel

Commonly known as Marvel Edition or Avengers Edition, TVS’ Super Squad Edition with Ntorq 125 scooter is one such offering that folks are familiar with. Popularity of Marvel Universe characters is unmatched, and offers a unique proposition to buyers to express their interests and affiliation.

Now, the company is trying to bring the same ethos with its Raider 125 premium commuter motorcycle. TVS has teased the same on its social media platforms. We can see two variations in the teaser, but there could be up to five Super Squad Editions with Raider 125.

Marvel’s Prelude – TVS Raider Super Squad Mystique

As per the Super Squad routine with Ntorq 125, we can expect up to five variations with Raider 125 as well. Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Black Panther and Spider-Man inspired liveries and colour schemes could be the main attraction with Raider 125 Super Squad Edition.

TVS doesn’t call them Iron Man Edition, Spider-Man Edition, Thor Edition, Captain America Edition and Black Panther Edition. This could be owing to licensing of word trademarks and only licensed character designs and other symbol trademarks.

TVS calls Iron Man edition as Invincible Red, Thor edition as Lightning Gray, Captain America edition as Combat Blue, Black Panther edition as Stealth Black and Spider-Man edition as Amazing Red. Base colours will replicate respective character’s costume colour scheme. And respective colours will get decals of that character’s special attributes.

Other than visual enhancements, Raider 125 will remain mechanically identical to outgoing model. This way, TVS offers proven mechanicals along with a dash of individual expression with the integration of Marvel Universe characters.

Mechanics – similar to outgoing model

TVS Raider 125 is the most feature-loaded offering in its segment. Tech-savvy too. In June 2023, TVS sold 34,309 Raider 125 motorcycles in India and shipped 4,434 of them abroad. Raider 125 shares its 3-valve 124.8cc single-cylinder engine with Ntorq scooter. Instead of a CVT, Raider 125 gets fixed ratio gearbox with five cogs.

Currently, Raider 125 makes 11.2 bhp of power and 11.2 Nm of torque. It gets conventional RSU telescopic front forks and a 5-step preload adjustable rear mono-shock. Front disc brake and a rear 130mm drum brake are standard. As of now, TVS is offering three variants and two colour options.

Only the top-spec SX trim gets a TVS-proprietary SmartXonnect connectivity suite. This package includes a 5” TFT screen, Bluetooth connectivity with notification alerts and even turn-by-turn navigation. TVS Raider 125 Super Squad Edition is likely to only launch with SX trim. A slight price bump is evident too.

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