Tusshar Kapoor is Serving us the Ideal Midweek Fitness Inspiration

Tusshar can be seen running and reaching one end of his gym’s stretch in the video. He can then be seen lying down in a pushup position, his face touching the ground.

Tusshar Kapoor has returned to his favorite place in the world: the gym. The actor is a huge fitness buff who enjoys working out in the gym. Tusshar swears by high-intensity workouts and is frequently seen in the gym in beast mode. Tusshar also posts snippets of his workout routine to his Instagram account in the hopes of inspiring his fans to get serious about their workouts.

Tusshar cured our midweek blues with a short video of himself fresh from the gym on Wednesday. Tusshar can be seen in the video working out like a beast, and it’s giving us all the motivation we need to put on our gym shoes and run to the gym. Tusshar reshared the video on his Instagram stories after it was originally shared by his gym’s Instagram account.

Tusshar Kapoor
Tusshar Kapoor

Tusshar can be seen running and reaching one end of his gym’s stretch in the video. Then he can be seen lying down in a pushup position and touching his face to the ground, before quickly getting up and touching his hands together before sprinting back to where he started. Then he’s seen doing the same workout routine all over again. Tusshar can be seen engrossed in his fitness routine, dressed in a blue tee shirt and a pair of grey gym trousers. Take a look at some of the highlights from his workout here:

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Tusshar’s workout routine has a number of health benefits, which he demonstrates in the video. Pushups are good for your upper body, lower back, and core muscles. They also aid in the development of the triceps, pectoral, and shoulder muscles. Running, on the other hand, aids in bone and muscle strengthening. It also aids in the development of cardiovascular fitness and the loss of excess body weight.

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