Treat Your Taste Buds With This Easy 10-Minute Kachumber Salad Recipe

Any meal would be incomplete without a fresh bowl of salad, especially the thick Indian curries. The light and crunchy mix of salad blends well with the heavy-carb meals. Salads are a great side dish to have with food because they are not only delicious but also healthy. While some find salad to be dull and boring, many simply love it as a meal, and this is why we have come up with a desi-style kachumber salad recipe that can be made in less than 10 minutes. You can easily make this at your home, and serve it along with the main course dishes.

Kachumber is a Hindi word which means a mash or mix of several ingredients. As the recipe name suggests, we will be using 3-4 types of foods to make this tasty salad, which will be easily available in your kitchen pantry. Kachumber salad recipe is easy on pocket, needs no oil and does not require uncommon vegetables too. The best part is that you can customise it according to your taste and choice.

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How Can You Make Kachumber Salad More Filling?
The traditional way to make kachumber salad is by chopping and combining onions, tomatoes, chillies and cucumber. In order to balance it with the main course, we want to keep it light to consume. But, if you want to eat this salad as a meal, you can make it filling by adding boiled chick peas, boiled kidney beans, and some pieces of paneer or even eggs.

Can Kachumber Salad Be Added To Weight loss Diet?
This salad is packed with nutrients like vitamins, fibre and minerals, which makes it a healthy dish. Since it’s not prepared in oil, it is low in calories and has zero fats. The main ingredient of the salad is cucumber, which is high in water content. Besides these health benefits, it’s also good for digestion and makes a perfect dish for weight loss diet.

Is Kachumber Salad Similar To Mexican Salsa?
Both the salads are delicious and have somewhat same ingredients, so one may consider it similar to Mexican salsa. However, both are different style of salads as these don’t include the exact same herbs and cooking methods.

Easy Kachumber Salad Recipe I How To Make Kachumber Salad:

Begin this recipe by washing all the vegetables. Finely chop onion, tomatoes, cucumber, fresh coriander and chillies. Ensure to remove tomato seeds before adding it into the bowl. Take a medium-sized bowl, and add the chopped veggies. Now add pomegranate, salt, black pepper, and red chilli powder. Squeeze in fresh lemon juice and mix the ingredients well. Your 10-minute kachumber salad is ready to be served. For the full recipe of kachumber salad, click here.

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Note: This kachumber salad recipe will serve 1-2 people only. You can increase the ratio of ingredients if there are more people.

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