Travelling By Train? Top 5 Indian Railway Stations Offering Best Local Food

Besides good company, some delicious food is what makes our journey memorable. Travelling in trains often involves munching tasty snacks and treats and sharing amusing anecdotes with a mandatory cup of hot coffee or tea in your hand. When it comes to Indian train journeys, there is a lot on offer. From the fluffy bread pakora and delectable samosa with spicy green chutney to the appetizing bread cutlet and sandwiches, you have plenty of options to satiate your cravings while travelling.

The Indian Railways makes its way through almost every region of the country. Each of these stations has a variety of eateries and food vendors that serve local delicacies of that region and cater to the needs of the passengers.

If you are planning to travel by train anytime soon then we have compiled a list of some railway stations in India where you will get the most lip-smacking local food, as per IRCTC.

Litti-chokha at Patna Junction, Bihar:

Originating from Bihar, litti-chokha is a unique food item that you must try. Litti is a dough ball made of wheat flour and stuffed with spices and gram flour. Dipped in ghee, the litti is eaten with a flavoursome blend of mashed brinjals potatoes, garlic, mustard oil and tomatoes.

Kadhi kachori at Ajmer Station, Rajasthan:

If you happen to be at the Ajmer railway station, don’t forget to get a plate of kadhi kachori. Crispy golden-brown dal kachoris are served with tangy kadhi along with some chutney. 

Rava dosa at Chennai Central Station, Tamil Nadu:

Vendors at the Chennai Central Station sell one of the tastiest and most authentic rava dosas. This crispy South Indian food goes best with piping hot sambar and some coconut chutney. Don’t hesitate to ask for some more chutney because you will definitely get addicted to it.   

 Batata vada and pav bhaji at Mumbai Central Railway Station, Maharashtra:

Pav bhaji is a complete meal consisting of soft bread which is served with a spicy gravy made with a host of ingredients and vegetables. If you are craving something fried then batata vada should be a great option. It is made with mashed potatoes that are coated in a batter and then fried to perfection.

Fish curry at Tatanagar, Jharkhand:

If your train is making a stop at this station, then hop out and get yourself some lip-smacking fish curry. Infused with a variety of falvours, this fish curry can be enjoyed with some steamed rice and coriander, onion and tomato salad.

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