Travel restrictions in West Bengal; partial lockdown

During the final days of December 2021, there were whispered discussions about a possible lockdown in Kolkata starting on the first Monday of the new year, and it has come to pass in part because of this. To combat the increasing number of coronavirus cases in the state, the West Bengal government has implemented lockdown measures.

Travelers in West Bengal should exercise caution when venturing out and visiting bars and restaurants, as these establishments will only be able to accommodate half of their normal capacity. The same can be said for shopping centres. Every night, all of these establishments will be required to close their doors by 10 p.m.

From 10 p.m. to 5 a.m., all public movement, gatherings, and vehicles are prohibited, which is one of the most important aspects of the partial lockdown. According to the most recent rules, only emergency services and essential services will be allowed to function.

West Bengal; partial lockdown
West Bengal; partial lockdown

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Beginning on January 3, visitors to zoos and other tourist attractions in West Bengal will be denied entry. Furthermore, gyms, swimming pools, spas, and salons will be closed starting tomorrow.

In an appeal to market committees, the Chief Secretary of West Bengal has stated that all markets must be sanitised and that sanitation must be implemented.

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The government has ruled that people must adhere to COVID-appropriate behaviour at all times, which means that wearing masks and maintaining physical distance are both required by law. The festivities have resulted in an increase in the number of covid cases over the past few months, which has prompted some concern.

On Saturday, the state of West Bengal reported 4512 new infections, with the city of Kolkata reporting 2398 new COVID cases.

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