Tourists flock to Kashmir in record numbers


Kashmir saw the highest tourist footfall in a decade, setting a new record. In November of 2021, 1,27,605 tourists visited the beautiful valley. According to government officials in Jammu and Kashmir, the figure is higher than all previous monthly figures in the last seven years!

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According to officials, only 6327 tourists visited Kashmir in November 2020, a significant decrease from the current figure of nearly 1,27,000. According to Dr. GN Itoo, Director of Tourism Kashmir, almost 1,27,000 tourists visited in November and almost 93,000 tourists visited in October, marking the first time in seven years that Kashmir has seen such large numbers of tourists in these two months.

He went on to say that this is the result of several campaigns, including roadshows across the country to promote tourism in Kashmir, as well as other measures that attracted tourists following the virus’s second wave.

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The Kashmir government has organised 21 roadshows across the country. Following the second wave, all members of the tour and travel industry in the valley were vaccinated as soon as possible, boosting tourist confidence.

In Kashmir, International Mountain Day (December 11), Christmas, and New Year were all celebrated with zeal. Christmas and New Year’s carnivals were planned, which helped bring tourists to the valley.

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