Toptal Alternatives for Hiring C++ Developers

While many hiring companies may frequent Toptal, there has to be an alternative that provides equally good, if not better, talent at more affordable rates. It is the simple demand and supply equation for Toptal, that it keeps raising its prices, till demand cannot keep up, and retains its higher prices, even if they are not particularly justified in doing so, owing to the fact that now there are so many equally good competitors.

Let’s list them for a quick overview to give Toptal alternatives a better idea of their hiring options.

A one-stop shop for all your tech talent hiring needs, there is little risk in going this route, as they help you connect with talent within 48 hours of you clicking “hire”.

The risk factor is mitigated when you have two whole weeks to try the talent out, and see if you’d like to pick someone else instead. The process can continue, till you are not satisfied. Also, there are absolutely no charges for up to two weeks of work, just a cup of coffee would do.

100% qualified and vetted to the top 1% of C++ Developers, you do get the cream, without paying the hefty price tag.


A perfect place to look for full-time C++ developers as YouTeam lives by the adage that the best engineers are not freelancers. From financial transactions to off-shore clients, YouTeam takes care of it all. With engineers all over Eastern Europe and South America, you are bound to find the perfect match for your requirements.

Cloud Devs

Able to hire from anywhere in the world, your options are limitless with Cloud Devs. A remote hiring platform, you can add freelancers to your team through them. The best part? Cloud Devs accounts for experience, location, time zone, and other requirements before matching you with your C++ developer.

A strong contender against Toptal, has been in the running for a long time against its competitor. Set up in 2011, their software engineers hail mostly from the United States and have a minimum of 7 years of experience.

With a 5-step vetting process in place, there are able to pick talented candidates from the get-go, so that you do not have to.


A fierce proponent of remote work, Adeva’s philosophy is founded upon the premise that there should be equality in work opportunities for everyone around the world, no matter where they are situated.

Their Quality Assurance engineers, keep the hiring process streamlined and low-cost so that anyone with potential can join and get the chance to work with top companies. 


Gigster takes meticulous care in providing you with your requirements through using artificial intelligence and machine learning to match them with the tech onboard. This is a clean and cold-cut process, which keeps all the fluff at bay and provides for a quick and easy way of hiring for a role. With other talent onboard, Gigster is able to connect you with individuals for various roles.

There are several developer marketplaces out there, other than Toptal, and is a good addition. Putting all applicants through a streamlined vetting process, they are able to bring out the best that is out there. Hassle-free and to the point, hiring processes need to be no-nonsense.


If you are looking to hire quickly and easily, then the list provided gives you a good start on your research. Reliable, swift, accessible, and affordable, are the new top requirements for any company looking to hire C++ developers.

The fact remains that you need alternatives to companies that have become too unaffordable and not particularly giving you a differentiated service to justify the high price. If you are getting alternatives that help budget for your company while not compromising on the quality of talent, there is absolutely no reason for you to remain stuck with an option that has differentiated alternatives.

This makes for a better decision for your company and with more information in hand, you would be able to justify and stand by your choice.

Any of the companies listed are great alternatives to hiring top talent, with ease and reliability.

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