Top Future Motorcycles and Scooters set to Debut in December 2021

Only a few two-wheeler manufacturers, including Bounce and Harley-Davidson India, will introduce new models this month.
In December 2021, Royal Enfield is unlikely to launch any motorcycles in India.

December is usually the driest month of the year in the Indian automobile industry, as most launches are postponed until the beginning of the next year. This year’s scene is expected to be similar to last year’s, with only a few two-wheeler manufacturers announcing new models this month.

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Royal Enfield
Royal Enfield

Keep your Eyes Peeled for a list of all The upcoming Motorcycles and Scooters in India in December 2021.

Bounce Infinity electric scooter: In December 2021, Bounce will release price for the new Infinity e-scooter in India. The scooter will be available with a ‘Battery as a Service’ option, allowing customers to choose a scooter without a battery. Bounce will be able to sell the scooter for a considerably reduced price as a result of this. The scooter is expected to be introduced at a starting price of $92,000, with the ‘Battery as a Service’ option keeping the scooter at approximately 60,000.

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Harley-Davidson Sportster S: Harley-Davidson India has already stated that the new and much-anticipated Sportster S will be released in December 2021. The event will take place during India Bike Week, which will take place on December 4-5, 2021. Harley-Davidson has begun accepting pre-orders for its next motorcycle in the country.
Yezdi Roadking ADV: Another firecracker ready to explode in the Indian market is Yezdi’s impending Himalayan imitation ADV, which is set to be released in the nation soon. While there is no official timetable for the introduction of this ADV, it is expected to go on sale in the next weeks. As a nod to Yezdi’s legendary model from the past, the same may be dubbed Roadking.

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KTM RC390: KTM revealed at the launch of the new RC200 earlier this year that the next-generation RC390 would be available in India soon. In the coming weeks, the new sportbike from the orange machine maker is also expected to arrive in India.

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