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Top 5 Festivals celebrated in Indian Culture


India has one of the most rich and oldest culture and civilization in the world, Indian culture has reached new heights now, it is not only famous worldwide but is practiced in various countries too, foreigners like to indulge in Indian festivals and traditions nowadays. Indian culture is very diverse from the starting it is like a kabaddi betting site that offers so many variations and options in it. India is famous for its unity into diversity.

The main reason behind this immense popularity of Indian Culture is because of its festivals, these festivals are providing a new way of reliving the Indian heritage and traditions. Almost every festival has its own importance but here we are here listing some of the best festivals which are celebrated at high scales across the whole country.

  1. Diwali – Festival of Lights 

Diwali is one of the main festival celebrated in the nation, often acclaimed as Festival of lights this festival is known for social gathering, diyas, lights, crackers, sweets etc. Friends, families gather together and celebrate this festivals they play various games like 3 Patti real cash game, Online Andar Bahar real cash game, and various other card games. They also exchange sweets, gifts with their realtives.

Diwali follows a tradition of cleanliness Indians believe that Goddess Lakshmi (goddess of Wealth and prosperity) will get happy and will bless them with good health and prosperity throughout the year.

  1. Holi – Festival of colours

Bura na maano holi hai, this is a phrase that is used by Indian people very often on day of festival means it means that don’t get offended because its Holi. It is a festival of colors people use gulaal and colors to paint faces of their known ones.

Just like other festivals Holi has a Mythological past related to it, people believe that Lord Vishnu incarnated into his Narsimha Avatar to save his devotee Bhakt Prahlad, he in his Avatar killed Monster Hiranakashyap and that day is celebrated as Holi as victory of Good and truth against Evil.

  1. Janamasthmi 

Janamasthmi is celebrated in the whole nation but the main aspects of this festival is seen in Mathura a district in Uttar Pradesh. According to Hindu Sacred books and folklores the festival janamasthmi is celebrated on the occasion of Lord Krishna’s birth. 

  1. Raksha Bandhan 

Raksha Bandhan is a festival displaying the truce of love and bond between Brothers and Sisters. On this day sisters tie Rakhi (piece of a thread) on their brother’s wrist and in return the brothers give presents and a vow to secure them in tough times.

  1. Baisakhi/Bihu/Pongal/Puthandu

The all above mentioned festivals are celebrated on the same day in the month of January and are observed in various parts across the country. The significance of these festivals are actually same, all these festivals are celebrated as harvest festivals and also the New Year celebration according to different-different religious calendars.

These festivals are important for Indian households they celebrate each one with same enthusiasm and joy. However the young Indian generations are not seem interested in these festivals but they should participate to save our culture and traditions.

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