Top 10 Sedans Dec 2022

Skoda Superb saw 587% YoY growth and if you think that is a lot, Toyota Camry registered 7,000% YoY growth in sedan sales Dec 2022

New Honda City
New Honda City

Despite SUV domination, sedan sales are rising, especially at the lower end of the price spectrum. Vehicles that operate in this price segment are sub 4m sedans falling into B-segment like Dzire, Aura, Tigor and Amaze. These are the top 4 sedans in India currently.

Topping the sales chart, we have Dzire from Maruti Suzuki, selling just a hair under 12K units. A decent growth was registered YoY at 12.83% as opposed to 10,633 units sold in 2021. That said, MoM sales as opposed to November 2022 haven’t been kind to Dzire as it dropped by 17% and lost 2,459 units MoM. Despite this MoM loss, Dzire commanded 35.63% market share, down from 39.39% a month before.

Top 10 Sedans Dec 2022 vs Dec 2021 – YoY

2nd highest seller with 4156 units, Hyundai Aura, has almost three times less sales when compared to Dzire. Sales were even low last year at just 1,715 units and saw a rise of 142.33% YoY. Unlike Dzire, Aura registered 9% MoM growth and gained 343 units in volume as well. Market share increased from 10.39% in Nov 2022 to 12.34%.

At 3rd and 4th spots, we have Tata Tigor and Honda Amaze. Both sub 4m sedans sold around 3.6K units in December 2022. Tigor registered 84% YoY growth with a gain of 1675 units YoY, MoM sales were down by 14.69%, losing 632 units in volume. Amaze, however, saw a decline in both YoY and MoM analysis, but gained 0.13% of market share over previous month.

Sedan Sales Dec 2022 vs Dec 2021 - YoY
Sedan Sales Dec 2022 vs Dec 2021 – YoY

City showed results opposite to Amaze. City sold 3,086 units and saw a 17.55% drop in numbers YoY. MoM is where City gained. MoM growth stood at 13.83% gaining 375 units in volume. Platform partners Skoda Slavia and VW Virtus registered 2,257 and 1,888 units and secured 6th and 7th positions on this list. Both registered MoM growth at 11.62% and 24.62% respectively.

Skoda Slavia gained 235 units and Virtus gained 373 units MoM as opposed to 2,022 and 1,515 units sold a month before. At 8th spot, we have Hyundai Verna. Despite a new generation version is awaiting, Verna has managed to sell 1538 units in its name. This is 556 units more than what it had sold in 2021 and gained 56.62% YoY. Where MoM sales are concerned, Verna lost 487 units in volume and sales dropped by 24%. Verna’s arch-rival Ciaz is still in its first generation and has been on sale since 2014. With just one facelift in 2018, it is showing its age. Ciaz just managed to sell 1154 units, which is the lowest among C-segment sedans. Ciaz fell into the red completely and lost 50 units YoY and 400 units MoM.

Premium Sedan Sales Dec 2022

As compared to 164 units sold in 2021, Skoda Octavia lost 35 units YoY by selling 129 units and registered a 21.43% YoY decline. MoM analysis fared better as there was a 24% MoM growth with 25 units gained in volume. Octavia’s elder sibling Superb saw 587% YoY growth by selling 110 units in December 2022 as opposed to 16 units in 2021 and gained 94 units in volume. This is nothing when compared to its rival Camry which registered 7,000% YoY growth by selling 71 units, 70 more than just 1 unit sold in December 2021.

Sedan Sales Dec 2022 vs Nov 2022 - MoM
Sedan Sales Dec 2022 vs Nov 2022 – MoM

Both Superb and Camry saw MoM decline of 31.25% and 39.83% respectively. In total, sedan sales accounted for 33,669 units in Dec 2022. When compared to 24,346 and 36,697 units sold in December 2021 and November 2022, sedan sales saw 38.29% YoY growth and 8.25% MoM drop. Volume gained YoY is 9,323 units and volume lost MoM is 3,028 units. 

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