Top 10 Sedans April 2023

New Hyundai Verna
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Sales in the sedan segment were not particularly noteworthy with most models displaying either a YoY or MoM decline

The Indian passenger vehicle segment opened the first month of FY 2023-24 on a strong note with total sales of around 3.31 lakh units sold in April 2023. Out of this, sedan sales accounted for 31,953 units. More demand was seen in the case of hatchbacks and SUVs as that is the latest trend going around while new launches are also primarily in these two segments.

Following our earlier report on mid-size sedan sales in April 2023, we now take into account total sedan sales, which has improved by 9.05 percent on a YoY basis. Sales in the past month stood at 31,953 units, up from 29,300 units sold in April 2022. MoM sales, however, fell by 6.76 percent as there had been 34,271 units sold in March 2023.

Since sales April 2023
Since sales April 2023

Top 10 Sedans April 2023 – Maruti DZire at No. 1

Maruti DZire topped this sales list with 10,132 units sold last month, down 5.32 percent YoY as against 10,701 units sold in April 2022. It was also a MoM decline by 24.35 percent from 13,394 units sold in March 2023. This took the share percentage down to 31.71 from 39.08 percent held in March 2023. Despite this de-growth, the DZire was the only sedan to cross the 10,000 unit mark in terms of sales.

Hyundai Aura was at No. 2 posting significant growth both on YoY and MoM basis. Sales stood at 5,085 units last month, up 26.02 percent from 4,035 units sold in April 2022. There had also been 3,774 units sold in March 2023 relating to a 34.74 percent MoM growth.

Sedan Sales April 2023 vs April 2022 - YoY Analysis
Sedan Sales April 2023 vs April 2022 – YoY Analysis

It was followed by Hyundai Verna which has also seen outstanding demand in the country. Sales surged to 4,001 units last month, up 412.29 percent YoY and 6.55 percent MoM.

Sedan Sales April 2023 vs March 2023 - MoM Analysis
Sedan Sales April 2023 vs March 2023 – MoM Analysis

Amaze, Tigor, City, Slav

Sales of the Amaze (3,393 units), Tigor (3,154 units), City (1,920 units) and Slavia (1,586 units) dipped on a YoY basis. Out of these sedans, the Amaze and City also posted MoM de-growth. There was also the Volkswagen Virtus sedan at No. 8 with 1,481 units sold in the past month with a MoM de-growth of 17.35 percent.

Sedan sales in April 2023 had the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz at No. 9 with a 75.65 percent YoY and 239 percent MoM growth to 1,017 units while sales of the Skoda Superb stood at 121 units with YoY and MoM growth of 63.51 percent and 16.35 percent respectively. Toyota Camry, the company’s flagship sedan in India, posted a 51.16 percent YoY decline along with a 35.71 percent MoM de-growth.

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