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Toofaan Movie Review | Toofaan Review

Storm Movie Review |  Storm Review |  Toofan 2021 Movie Review Movie

Anyway, Ajju pseudonym Aziz Ali Boxer, who experienced childhood in a half-timbered house, doesn’t drive solitude anywhere in this entire love story. He talks to his sweetheart by saying ‘you’. His guru is the father of his beloved.

The crowd knows all this, yet when Ajju learns, a storm hits. Aziz Ali Boxer’s name is Toofan in the story of the film. The story moves from Dongri to Delhi after coming to the standard of Maharashtra. Shows profanity in sports federations.

Showcasing the changing mindset of youth towards sports and the show traces back to Manmohan Desai’s time when Kesariya and Hara Bana shone on screen together.

Storm Movie Review |  Storm Review |  Toofan 2021 Movie Review Movie

Both Farhan Akhtar and Mrunal Thakur gave excellent performances in the film ‘Toofan’. Mrunal Thakur is slowly moving ahead in Hindi film industry with simple progress and currently she is headed in the right direction where only a business blockbuster can make her the main daring lady contestant. She is not exactly Deepika but also shines.

Farhan Akhtar has used his widened bargain doll for his work in the film. He has good command over slope language. The unexpected thing about the film is Hussain Dalal. The personality of the side story with Sant appeared on the screen several days after the fact and it improved significantly. Vijay Raj has handled his two-three scene function very well. According to Supriya Pathak’s stamina, her job is weak.

Storm Movie Review |  Storm Review |  Toofan 2021 Movie Review Movie

Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra has chosen the story according to the current era. Along with the story, he also makes his executive remarks. Rakesh was never an idealistic filmmaker. This was probably the biggest exercise of ‘Mirza’. The picture of Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra himself often appears in Aziz Ali’s part. He has also appeared in some scenes of the film.

This month marks the twentieth anniversary of Mehra’s performance in the film ‘Hachet’. Also, as he has a resurgence in the movie ‘Toofan’. Their film exchanges, ‘How will life react whenever it gets a chance, will come or let it go?’ The movie is definitely long and so it stops somewhere. In any case, decent content is the soul of a decent film. This movie ‘Toofan’ slowly clarifies.


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