To save the dog, a person fought with a kangaroo, punched him like this… the animal got angry, and then the video went viral

Man Punches a Kangaroo to Save His Dog: The forest is the center of amazing events, where such events keep happening every day, which are not only exciting but also surprise you after seeing them. A video of one such incident that took place in the forest has surfaced, in which a courageous man clashed with a kangaroo to save his dog. He gives the animal such a powerful punch that it becomes filled with anger. The video of this fight is going viral.

The video of a man’s fight with a kangaroo has been posted by ViralHog on YouTube, in which you can see how the man saves his dog from the clutches of the kangaroo. In the beginning of the video (Man Vs Kangaroo Fight Viral Video), it is seen that some people in the car move towards the kangaroo holding the dog. They yell at the kangaroo to leave the dog, but it has no effect on the animal. He holds the dog tightly in his hands.

Watch here- Video of man’s fight with Kangaroo

After this a person gets out of the car and runs towards the kangaroo. Even after this the kangaroo is not ready to leave the dog. At the same time, the dog trapped in the clutches of a kangaroo is seen panting badly due to its neck being pressed. Only when the person comes very close to the kangaroo, does he release the dog, but becomes ready to attack the person. Standing on its feet, the kangaroo starts jumping like a boxer to attack the person.

Man punches kangaroo

The person also clenches his fists to teach the kangaroo a lesson in his own language and then punches him hard. As soon as the punch falls, the kangaroo becomes angry. He is seen staring at the person. Seeing this, the person stands away, then two more dogs come there, who start barking at the kangaroo. feeling trapped After getting it, the kangaroo thinks it best to run away, after which it jumps and runs away towards the forest. Although this video is old, but now its video is going viral.

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