To Make EVs Safer, The Center May Consider Adding Sound to Them

Electric vehicles have the potential to cause safety concerns for pedestrians and others in the vicinity due to their near-silent presence on the road.

Other than pricing, infrastructure, and range anxiety, there are concerns as India moves toward electric vehicles. Electric vehicles powered by renewable energy are so quiet that they have been known to cause safety concerns for other road users. It’s a problem that’s been solved in other countries.

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In the face of a massive push toward electric vehicles, India may now toe the line.

This safety concern, according to reports, has caused the Centre to sit up and take notice. To make electric cars safer for others on the road, the government is considering adding artificial sound to them. This is being done, according to sources, so that pedestrians on the road can hear an electric vehicle approaching.

To Make EVs Safer, The Center May Consider Adding Sound to Them
To Make EVs Safer, The Center May Consider Adding Sound to Them

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According to sources, the Ministry of Heavy Industries has directed the concerned departments to investigate the possibilities. If the proposal is approved, the effects of artificial sound in electric vehicles will be evaluated for levels of noise pollution. The Centre is likely to adopt this method to make electric vehicles safer on the road once it has been approved. Manufacturers of electric vehicles are likely to be required to install sound-producing machines under the new rules.

Acoustic Vehicle Alert System is likely to be the name of the sound-producing machines (AVAS). It’s something that even ICE vehicles do when they’re reversing to warn others behind them.

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In countries where electric vehicles are more common than in others, the process is already in use. Several countries have passed legislation requiring automakers to add artificial sounds to their vehicles as an additional means of detection. Governments in countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom have already set standards for how loud electric vehicles must be. Even when artificial sound is added, electric vehicles are likely to be quieter than conventional ICE vehicles.

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