This unique fish of a new species discovered here, has sharp teeth and looks like a snake, you will feel scared after seeing it!

Ophichthus naevius – A new species of snake eel: Bay of Bengal A new species of Snake Eel has been found in India, which has been named Ophichthus naevius. This scary looking eel has sharp teeth in its mouth. It looks exactly like a snake, You will definitely get scared after seeing this. ICAR-NBFGR discovered this species on 14 November 2023, information about which has also been given on the social media platform ‘X’.

Who discovered this eel?: According to the Miami Herald report, On November 14, a study on this snake eel was published in the Journal of Fish Biology, according to which the scientists of Mudasalodai Fish Landing Center This unique creature was spotted in the fishing net. He found that This is a new species of snake eel.

Why is this eel a new species?

Researchers said in the study that the snake-eel named Ophichthus naevius is different from other creatures because of its ‘unique color pattern’ and its ‘sharp’ teeth. It is a type of Ophichthidae. This Also known as ‘Snake-Eel’ or ‘Worm-Eel’. This eel thrives in the intertidal area to the deep sea area. Specimens of Ophiuchus naevius were collected in approximately 80 feet to 100 feet of water.

tail is longer

Scientists said the creatures are ‘medium’ tall. One of the specimens measures just under 15 inches. Their tail is long, accounting for 58.1% to 60% of their total body length. It also has ‘small’ teeth on its jaw, which are ‘pointed’ and ‘conical’. as well as ThisThey have ‘many dense black spots’ on their head and body, which extend to their tail.

Eels have yellow to transparent fins on their sides. Their dorsal and anal fins are white and brown, and the tip of their tail is ‘yellowish brown’. Scientists have named the new species after its spots. ‘Naevius’ is a Latin word, which means There are moles or spots. Researchers said that the new species is from the Bay of Bengal in the Indian Ocean. The samples were collected from Cuddalore, which is on the south-eastern coast of India.

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