This scooty has come to create panic in just 20 thousand price, will get amazing range of 130 km

PURE EV EcoDryft Bring home this luxurious electric scooter for only 20 thousand, you will get an amazing range of 130 km In the modern era, the demand for environment-friendly and safe vehicles is increasing rapidly. Electric scooters are dominating the Indian automobile industry and manufacturers are focusing a lot on it. In this dire situation, a new and exciting electric bike, PURE EV EcoDryft, is in the news, which the company claims will be able to deliver a range of more than 130 kilometers on a single charge. Let us know in detail in this post about the PURE EV EcoDryft electric bike…

Powerful battery and agile motor

The PURE EV EcoDryft uses a 3kWh battery and a 3kW motor (peak power). This motor generates 2000 W power. According to the manufacturer’s claim, this electric bike can be provided with a range of up to 130 kilometers in a single charge. Along with this, it can go up to a top speed of 75 kmph on Indian roads. The load capacity of this electric motorcycle is around 140 kg.

Amazing Features of PURE EV EcoDryft

Seeing the beautiful and stylish design of this bike, you will not believe that it is available at a down payment of only ₹ 20000. You are also getting great finance offers on the bike. This is a golden opportunity for you to buy this bike along with all the detailed information and best loan offers. Will this bike become the favorite bike of the youth? Let us get into the features and analysis of this electric bike…

EV bike PURE EV EcoDryft Price

The price of this EV bike starts from Rs 1,22,033 (ex-showroom). You have the option of buying it in the market with four different color options. Disc brake is used on the front wheel and drum brake on the rear wheel of the bike. Also, the facility of combined braking system has also been provided on both the wheels.

Buy with best loan offers

PURE EV office has got the best loan offers for buying the bike. You can buy this electric bike with a down payment of just ₹20000. You will have to pay the remaining amount as EMI instalment. You have to deposit EMI of only ₹ 3500 every month. The tenure of this loan is 3 years, in which you will have to deposit an EMI of up to ₹3500 approximately every month. Along with this, interest will also be charged by the bank with an interest rate of 9.5%.

Professional and modern e-bike

PURE EV EcoDryft is a professional and modern e-bike, by purchasing which you can do your bit to save the environment. By purchasing this, you will get a chance to enjoy a range of more than 130 kilometers in a single charge. Also, this bike with attractive design and features will give you a safe and smooth driving experience.

a choice for the future

In future, the arrival of more such high-performance e-bikes will see a facelift in India’s automobile industry and will also be a positive change for the environment. Availability of such pollution-free and safe e-vehicles will also ensure road safety and the young generation will also get a hi-tech option. E-Vehicles that provide efficient batteries will shape and develop the future of India.

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