This Maruti Suzuki Dzire Convertible Can’t Convert

Jugaad Maruti Suzuki Dzire Convertible
Jugaad Maruti Suzuki Dzire Convertible

Modified Maruti Suzuki Dzire convertible lacks reinforcements in A-pillar and misses out on roll hoops at the rear for rollover protection

Convertibles are one of the most elegant ways of commuting when the weather is just right. By right, we mean not raining, not snowing, not dusty and not scorching. This sort of weather is hardly a thing in India and hence convertibles never hit the home run in the mainstream market.

Thar convertible is the only exception, but that is probably because it bodes well with lifestyle design language. Here is a Maruti Suzuki Dzire owner who chopped his roof in order to make it a convertible. Let’s take a look.

This Maruti Suzuki Dzire Convertible can’t convert

This is not based on 1st generation Swift Dzire, like the one that was modified with Safari Storme’s headlights and tailgate-mounted spare wheel. Instead, this is a much newer 3rd gen Dzire that launched in mid-2017. The front fender has a DDIS badging which indicates this should be a 2017 – 2020 model.

Except for the chopped-off roof, there is not a single change to Dzire. Not a single change. Modder didn’t even bother to add any sort of manually convertible soft top. Rain, snow, and scorching sun are a strict no go for this chopped-up Dzire. Maybe the owner has a couple of other cars as backups in those situations.

Jugaad Maruti Suzuki Dzire Convertible
Jugaad Maruti Suzuki Dzire Convertible

It retains all four doors along with other sheet metal body panels and fiber parts. The A-pillar is cut above the point where the windshield begins. It looks thick from the side view because it is part A-pillar and part chopped door frame. Modder has chopped B-pillars and C-pillars completely. Engine and rest of componentry are probably stock too.

How safe is this?

Not safe at all. Also, not to mention, illegal. In the video, this proud Dzire Convertible owner drives off from a fuel station on a paved surface without featuring a number plate. He must have used the road to get to this fuel station and get back, which is a direct violation of regulations. He proudly waves at the camera too.

As per how safe this jugaad Maruti Suzuki Dzire convertible is, it is worse than what Dzire already offered. Which is 1 star crash rating along with an unstable body shell (Swift’s rating, which is similar to Dzire). Does this have reinforced A-pillars? No. Does this have rollover protection rear roll hoops? No. Will there be a change in driving and handling characteristics? With pillars gone, absolutely.

Recently, a modded Skoda Rapid Cabriolet made news. But that was part of a project under the guidance of industry experts at SAVWIPL (Skoda Auto Volkswagen India Private Limited) Academy’s Dual Vocational Training. It will probably never be launched.

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