This is the world’s most unique finned fish! It is considered a ‘cousin’ of the scorpion, hunters run away in fear

Flying gurnard- Fish with ‘wings’: Flying gurnard is the world’s most unique winged fish, which is considered a ‘cousin’ of the scorpion. This fish is poisonous. However, its poison is not as deadly as the poison of scorpion. There are poisonous thorns on its pectoral fins. This is the reason why hunters run away from this fish out of fear. It is also known as Helmet gurnard, Grunt fish and Batfish. Now a video of this fish is going viral.

A user named @gunsnrosesgirl3 on social media platform Since being posted on November 19, this video (Flying gurnard ) has received more than one lakh views.

Watch the video of Flying Gurnard Fish here

I have wings but I can’t fly

According to the report of practicalfishkeeping, Flying Gurnard (Flying Gurnard Facts) despite having wings, cannot fly nor can it glide for long distances. They cannot even jump out of water like other flying fish.

This is the reason why these fish are found at the bottom of the sea. Still, its wings are of great use to it, with the help of which it goes out in search of food. It also uses its wings to dig sand.

It is called ‘garbage’ fish

Flying gurnard fish are harmless to humans. According to a video by YouTube channel deep marine scenes, this fish is considered a trash fish because it is not used in commercial fisheries. However it is often caught as bycatch. It is used in making products like fish powder and gelatin. The scientific name of this fish is Dactylopterus volitans.

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