This is the queen of buffaloes… the price is so much that you can buy two Fortuners, famous in many states due to beauty

Jagbir Ghanghas/Bhiwani. There is a saying in Haryana that whose house is black, it is Diwali every day. This is the reason why farmers of the state are also rearing expensive buffalo of good breed. The surprising thing is that the price of these buffaloes is more than that of a Toyota Fortuner car. Actually, Fortuner is included among the luxury vehicles of the country.

This buffalo of Sanjay, resident of Jui village of Bhiwani, is only three years old. He has raised his buffalo like a child and named it Dharma. Dharma buffalo gives birth at just three years of age and gives 15 kg milk in its first calving.

Dharma is more expensive than Fortuner
Nowadays, vehicles like Fortuner and Thar are very popular in Haryana. People spend lakhs of rupees and consider it their pride to own these vehicles. However, Sanjay’s buffalo also beats Fortuner and Thar. Religion has come at a high cost. However, at the price at which he wants to sell Dharma, not only Fortuner but also Thar can be bought. Sanjay told that the price of Dharma has been fixed at Rs 46 lakh a few days ago, but he will sell it for at least Rs 61 lakh. If this happens then two Fortuners can come at the price of Dharma.

Special dose, then beauty shines till Punjab and UP
According to Sanjay, Dharma is fed green fodder, good grains and 40 kg carrots every day in winter since birth. The whole day is spent in taking care of it. Also told that Dharma is also beautiful and has won many titles in beauty many times in Punjab and UP along with the surrounding districts. Not only the owner Sanjay but also the veterinarian Hrithik never gets tired of praising Dharma. Dr. Hrithik told that Dharma is the queen of buffaloes in terms of beauty. Besides, this is less a buffalo but a baby elephant. He said that this buffalo is probably the best buffalo of Haryana in terms of beauty and breed. Dr. Hrithik said that Dharma will not be sold for Rs 61 lakh but for an even higher price.

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