This is the ‘city of jinns’, divine powers built a 13KM long wall in a single night, many such magical stories are famous!

Bahla- ‘City of jinn’: Bahla is a small town in Oman, which is full of ‘magic and mysteries’, many such magical tales are famous here including a wall of night, fire-breathing hyenas and humans turning into donkeys. This city is located at a distance of about 200 kilometers from the country’s capital Muscat, where Houses are constructed from mud or bricks, which It is a peaceful city, which has a grand double-archway at its entry gate.

According to the report of news agency AFP, some superstitious people still stay away from this desert settlement because of the stories of ‘jinn’. These stories about jinn have been a part of Arab folklore since before the beginning of Islam.

‘God created the jinns also’

Here, is one of the oldest settlements in Oman. Due to which people have a strong belief that there are ‘jinn’, who are described as supernatural beings different from humans and angels, who live with humans. Hamad Al Rabani, a tour guide at the UNESCO World Heritage Site Bahla Fort, said, ‘We believe that jinn are among God’s creations, so this is not strange.’

There are many magical tales prevalent in Bahala.

Magical stories are prevalent in Bahala, the most popular of which is that divine powers had built a 13 kilometer wall around the city in a single night to protect it from invaders. Rabbani, 55, says, ‘The legend is of two sisters, both jinn, one of whom built a wall for protection… and the other who created an ancient irrigation system for agriculture.’

‘Rumors say this is a city of jinns’

She further says, ‘Stories of humans suddenly turning into donkeys and other animals are also very popular here.’ He said, ‘An old woman would often hear someone milking her cow after midnight. But whenever she went to look, she did not find anyone there. “Rumors say this is the city of jinns, where they live and have more freedom,” said Hassan, a 30-year-old resident of Muscat.

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