This fierce war was fought just for one bucket, 2000 people were killed, the story is astonishing!

The War of the Bucket – Battle of Zappolino: You must have read and heard about many wars in history, but have you heard that there is a war between two cities just for one bucket, in which 2 thousand people are killed. This battle was fought in the year 1325 between the two cities of Italy, Bologna and Modena, which is also known as the Battle of Zappolino and War of the Oak Bucket.

How did the fight start?: According to the report of amusingplanet, this fight started when a group of soldiers from Modena entered Bologna and stole a bucket kept near a well located in the center of the city. Bologna considered this action an insult. The soldiers of Bologna asked the soldiers of Modena to return the bucket, but received only a refusal in response, due to which the soldiers of Bologna became angry and then they declared war against Modena.

This fierce battle took place in Zappolino

Bologna’s army gathered at Zappolino near Modena with 30 thousand infantry and two thousand cavalry, while Modena had only five thousand infantry and two thousand cavalry. Even though Modena’s army was less, its soldiers defeated Bologna’s army on the battlefield.

Bologna suffered a heavy defeat in the war

The army of Modena inflicted a heavy defeat on Bologna in the war. His soldiers wreaked such havoc that the soldiers of Bologna left the field and ran away. In this battle, two thousand people including about 1500 soldiers from Bologna and about 500 soldiers from Modena were killed.

Modena did not return to Bologna

After the death of about two thousand people, an agreement was reached between the cities of Modena and Bologna, in which Modena returned whatever goods it had looted from Bologna, but it never returned the bucket for which this war was fought to Bologna. To this day, this bucket is kept in the basement of Torre Della Ghirlandina in the city of Modena, while a replica of this bucket is currently kept in the town hall of Modena.

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