This electric scooter is available at a very cheap price, know its name, price and features

This electric scooter is available at a very cheap price, know the name, price and features, nowadays, in view of the rising inflation, everyone’s trend towards electric scooters is increasing, in such a situation, all the electric companies are competing to launch their own electric scooters. Is. If you are also thinking of buying an electric scooter with more range at a lower price, then this post will be very beneficial for you.

The company has used many advanced technologies in this electric scooter which make this scooter very attractive. The name of the electric scooter we are talking about is Zelio Eeva Electric Scooter, which has been launched by Jellico company. Let us know some information about this electric scooter….

Amazing Features of Zelio Eeva Electric Scooter

Now telling you about the features of this electric scooter, the company has introduced its Electric Scooter in two variants, in the first variant with 28Ah 48W battery pack and in the second variant with 60W battery pack. If we talk about the advanced features of this scooter, then the company has introduced this scooter with three riding modes, which include Eco, City and Turbo. All these features are seen in it.

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Great range and top speed of Zelio Eeva Electric Scooter

Regarding the range of this electric scooter, this scooter can cover a distance of up to 120KM in a single full battery charge. It takes about 4- 5 hours for the battery of this scooter to be fully charged, as well as the speed of Zelio Eeva Electric Scooter is 60KM/h. Which makes it even more special.

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Zelio Eeva Electric Scooter Price

Talking about the price, according to the information about this electric scooter, the company has kept the ex-showroom price of this scooter at only ₹ 54,000. Its price in the showroom may be slightly higher. According to the information, but let us tell you that you can book this scooter through the official website of the company for only ₹ 1600. The biggest reason for the company to keep such a low price of this scooter is to increase the share. So this was some information related to Zelio Eeva Electric Scooter Price.

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