This electric car of the market is enough to blow your senses, equipped with powerful features and technology

WORLD Atto-3 EV: This electric car of the market will blow your senses. Equipped with powerful features and technology, this mid-size electric premium SUV can be kept above MG ZS in terms of price and below Hyundai Ionic-5 i.e. around Rs 30-40 lakh. Is.

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BYD Atto-3 EV: Features

The features of this electric SUV make it stand in the list of vehicles above Rs 50 lakh. Talking about its cabin features, the touchscreen present in it can be screen portrait / landscape with a single touch. Apart from this, it has features like door mounted speakers, 360 degree camera, dashboard camera, ADAS feature, panoramic sunroof, dual power seats, 7 airbags.

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BYD Atto-3 EV: Looks Build Quality

The design of the BYD Atto-3 is quite attractive to look at, which gives the feel of a crossover. Also available are the headlamps with blue detailing to match the grille. At the same time, its curved roof gives a different look. A lot of attention has been given to its build quality.

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BYD Atto-3 EV: Great range

The most important thing about this is that with regenerative system and mixed driving, this car is capable of giving a real world driving range of up to 400 km. This car can be fully charged in 50 minutes with fast DC charging. Whereas 7kW charger is available for home.

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BYD Atto-3 EV: Powerful Battery

Apart from this, good space is seen with the front seat. Whereas due to the space, two people can sit comfortably on the back seat. Boot space is also good in it.

In this SUV, the blade battery and battery management system, motor and other things have been introduced as a unit, which makes it lighter with better packaging. At the same time, the blade battery given in it is more safe and secure than the rest. For power, the electric motor given on its front axle gives it a power output of 204bhp and 310Nm. Apart from this, a 60.48 kW battery pack has been used in it, which gives it a driving range of up to 521 km.

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