This ‘alien’ fish is very rare, absorbs light completely, appears to be floating like a shadow!

Dreamer anglerfish- A super-rare Fish: Dreamer anglerfish is very rare, whose skin is so black that it completely absorbs the light falling on it, due to which it looks like a floating shadow in the sea. The video of this alien-looking fish has been posted on YouTube by Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI).

According to Live Science report, MBARI researchers found a rarely seen dreamer anglerfish off the coast of California and captured it on video. They spotted an unknown species of dreamer anglerfish (genus Oneirodes) on September 29, in a vast deep-sea basin that extends more than 470 kilometers off the California coast.

This fish was seen for the ninth time in 36 years

According to a statement from MBARI, this is the first dreamer anglerfish seen in Monterey Canyon since 2016 and only the ninth time scientists have seen these creatures in the area in the last 36 years. Bruce Robinson, a senior scientist at MBARI, said in the statement that the discovery of the anglerfish is an exciting experience, because this fish is rarely seen.

Watch here- Video of Dreamer Anglerfish

‘It’s like looking into a black hole’

That’s because its skin is so dark that it absorbs light, Robinson said. Its skin works like an ‘invisibility cloak’. This fish absorbs at least 99.5 percent of the light that falls on it. Marine ecologist Alexander Davis of Duke University and MBARI told the New York Times that These creatures are so dark that, ‘it’s like looking into a black hole’.

Melanin pigment is found in skin

Studies have shown that the skin of this fish has melanosomes, cells which contain melanin pigment, which gives its skin such a black color. This is the reason why this fish is capable of absorbing almost every wavelength of light that falls on it. Female dreamer anglerfish can grow up to 15 inches (37 cm) long, while males are only 0.5 inches (1.3 cm) long.

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