Thinking to add a traditional touch to your home? Here are the tops ways

There can be an ample amount of modernity at your home but a slight touch of tradition makes it feel like home. The traditional art and designs are what make any home stand out. Catching the eyes of many, anything traditional in your home becomes respected and valued. Apart from many elements of décor that inculcate traditionalism, the way your walls are painted also plays a huge role in complementing the entire look. If you are looking for some traditional wall painting ideas, then you are at the right place. 

Let’s know the top ways how traditionalism can be subtly added to your homes through wall paintings. 

  • Save an entire wall for traditional wall art – The best way to add a traditional touch to your homes, you must go for Indian wall arts like Warli, Madhubani, Mandala, etc. The rich look that these art forms create on the wall is worth opting them. Warli art which derives its inspiration from the elements of nature can create an entire fresh vibe on your wall. The usage of geometric shapes is common in Warli wall art. This art design can be extensively seen in Indian households. Another art form, Madhubani is not only confined to a wall but can be seen on cloth, paper, etc. This art form creates a drama and story on the wall which can speak a lot about how you like to live your life. Other forms like Mandala are made with immense detailing and add a spiritual vibe to your home. 

  Keeping a wall specifically dedicated to such art forms is the top way to add a         traditional touch. 

  • Add Graffiti art – Creating immense drama on the wall, Graffiti art can be customized in many ways. Professional graffiti artists can be hired to create a wall full of drama. To calculate the quantity of paint required, tools like a paint calculator are highly recommended. For years, people are portraying their emotions on walls through Graffiti art. If you are planning to paint offices, cafes, restaurants, etc. then a wall dedicated totally to graffiti art can be a game-changer. Graffiti art is also a medium to convey so many messages that people hesitate to take a stand for in the vocal form. 
  • Go for neutral wall colors – Specifically seen in contemporary themed homes, if you choose neutral colors for the walls, there are higher chances that your space might look larger and organized. Indian simple house color combination outside and inside is filled with neutrality. The exteriors of many Indian households are quite simple and have a single color throughout the outside walls. When you inculcate traditional furniture that is heavy and bold, one needs to keep the wall colors neutral, or else the variant colors may steal away the show of the furniture and the entire look might turn out to be a mess. 
  • Inculcate a magnificent canvas painting – A canvas painting like that of a specific god or a canvas painting signifying some culture can be inculcated on the walls to create a traditional vibe. You could also replace your existing frames with traditional ones so that it complements the modern look your house might have. A statement painting signifies elegance and class along with adding a special vibe to the place they are placed in. 

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