These fish are not the ‘queen of water’, they can survive for years without water, they cheat by turning themselves into stone.

Till date you must have heard that fishes die without water. That is why a poem has also been made on this, in which it is said that if a fish is taken out of water, it dies. But how much truth is there in this? You must have seen many fish suffering without water. But the fish we are going to tell you about today can survive for many years without water.

Yes, this fish is also included in nature’s amazing creations. While usually fishes die outside water, this fish can survive for many years without water. We are talking about Plecos and Lungfish. Yes, these two species of fish are very different from the rest. Both of them can survive without water for many months and years. These harden themselves by drying in the soil. But as soon as a drop of water falls on them, they become active again.

hibernation mode
A video of this fish was shared on social media. After seeing this, many people could not believe it. A suckermouth catfish was seen in the video. This is the common pleco fish. Over the years it has mastered the art of surviving without water. These fish go into hibernation when there is shortage of water. That means they dry themselves without water. When water falls on them again, they become active. Otherwise it looks like a dry stone.

stay alive for years
These fish are found where there is scarcity of water. As long as water is present, they swim like normal fish. But in the absence of water they dry themselves along with the soil. African lungfish can survive without water for up to four years. This video shared on social media surprised many people. Many people found this fish fake. But many shared their experiences and told the reality of these fish.

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