‘There’s pressure if we sign you’ – Vivek Oberoi says of what Bollywood filmmakers told him

For an actor, Bollywood is a fiercely competitive environment.

It doesn’t matter if you’re capable. There appear to be numerous factors that influence whether you succeed in the industry or fail miserably.

Now, Vivek Oberoi is one of those actors who has seen it all over the course of his two decades in the industry.

Despite having a promising start in Bollywood with films such as Yuva, Company, Shootout At Lokhandwala, Saathiya, and others, Vivek had a difficult time finding work.

It’s said that a lot of it has to do with his feud with Bollywood superstar Salman Khan.

Both Salman and Vivek had a verbal spat that appeared to be more than that, with the matter involving Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

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It was said to be one of the industry’s most well-known controversies, and the star’s life could never be the same after that.

Vivek is currently starring in the third season of his Amazon Prime show Inside Edge, and he discusses his journey.

Vivek says that despite the success of his films, Bollywood has refused to hire him:

“The industry simply refused to hire me.” They used to call me and say things like, ‘Bro, we love you for this, you’d be great in this role, but if we sign you, there’s pressure from here and pressure from there.’ All of this nonsense, all of this useless manipulative nonsense that has unfortunately been my industry. In my industry, there’s a system that says, “Oh, we don’t want to piss this one-off, don’t want to upset that one.” These are the things that, sadly, have taken away a lot of good actors’ prime.”

Now, with things as they are for any artist, it’s easy for someone to feel down in the dumps.

Vivek, on the other hand, reveals that he chose to rise to the occasion by ’empowering himself.’

“I empowered myself as a result of that.” I left the industry and started a new business for myself. I used my intellect to launch my own businesses. For myself, I created an entirely new financial ecosystem that kept me comfortable. So I don’t have to work today to run my kitchen or economy; I am fortunate in that way. Then, after that position of power, I went out and started looking for people with whom I wanted to collaborate. So that’s been my method of working with people I enjoy and who don’t make me feel like I’m doing a job. “Main Naukri Nahi Karna Chahta,” Vivek exclaimed.

Vivek deserves kudos for persevering in the face of these obstacles, because it must take a tremendous amount of willpower to keep going.

Meanwhile, you can catch him on Inside Edge, in which he portrays a dark cricket league manipulator.

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