There is only one L hidden in the crowd of T, the one who finds it in 10 seconds will become the winner.

Social media has now become a good way to pass time. If you have a smart phone and it has an internet connection, then your time will pass very easily. Ever since social media has been monetized, such content is put on it which keeps people as much engaged as possible. This earns more. For this reason, photos of brainteasers and optical illusions are becoming quite viral on social media.

Recently a very engaging brainteaser was shared on social media. In this, a challenge was given to find the L alphabet in the crowd of T alphabet. People have been given ten seconds to complete it. Many people participated in the race to complete this challenge but lost. If you also like number based quizzes, then this will give good exercise to your brain.

brain teaser
Here is the correct answer

people like it
These days, people are liking such brainteasers and optical illusions on social media. People are liking this challenge given by Freshers Live. Many people came forward to complete it but failed. Many such brainteasers are shared which people like a lot. If you have not yet seen the hidden L in it, then here is the true answer.

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