There is a great news for you, money is stuck in Sahara India, money will come soon

There is good news for you if your money is stuck in Sahara India. Your money will be returned to you as soon as possible. Let us inform you that the government has taken significant steps to remove the funds of investors trapped in Sahara India. The Finance Department of the Jharkhand Government has launched a helpline number, as part of a major response to this issue. This will be extremely beneficial to those whose money is stuck in Sahara India.

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In fact, the Government of Jharkhand’s Finance Department has taken action against non-banking companies and corporative societies. To file a complaint against them, the government has established a police helpline number 112. A complaint for the money trapped in the Sahara India Pariwar can also be filed under this. Following that, the Finance Department, in collaboration with CID, will investigate the complaint (Economic Offenses Wing, Jharkhand).

Hundreds of millions of dollars are stuck in the system

Let us inform you that the Sahara India Company holds crores of rupees in the hands of many people. According to Jharkhand government data, about 2500 people in the state have money stuck in Sahara India. It has had a direct impact on about 3 lakh people in such a situation. In such a situation, the Jharkhand government has established a helpline number to address the people’s concerns. The government will use this number to assist in the resolution of people’s grievances.

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Sahara India
Sahara India

For a total of 81.70 crores, 19,644 applications were received

SEBI has received 19,644 applications related to 53,642 original bond certificates / pass books worth 81.70 crores, according to Minister of State for Finance Pankaj Choudhary’s statement. He also stated that the rest of the application’s records are not traceable in the SIRECL and SHICL documents. The investors’ expectations had risen after they received the information from them.

In the letter, Sahara stated, “We are also affected by SEBI”

Sahara accused SEBI of holding Rs 25,000 crore in investor funds in April. This has been said on Sahara’s behalf numerous times prior to this. According to the letter sent by Sahara, he (Sahara) is also suffering from SEBI. We are told to flee, but we are restrained.

This is why the money has not been returned

The Regulatory Security and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) was informed that the data of the investors could not be traced in the records. According to SEBI’s annual report dated 4 August 2021, the company returned Rs 129 crore to investors. SEBI had stated at the time that the total amount in SEBI’s account, including interest, as of 31 March 2021 was around Rs 23,191 crore.

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