There is a big conflict between Russia and Ukraine, meanwhile Russia has given an important gift to India

Despite the fact that Russia and Ukraine are at odds, the two countries have reached an important agreement in which a major Russian company will supply landing system instruments to India’s airports.

Russia-Ukraine War: The world war between Russia and Ukraine is still ongoing, and no one knows how long it will last. Russia has given India a large gift for the first time in the middle of the war. India and Russia have signed a significant agreement. A large Russian company will provide landing system instruments for India’s airports under this agreement. This has been signed by the Airport Authority of India (AAI) and the Russian company.

According to an official statement issued by the Russian Embassy in Delhi, the Russian company Scientific and Production Corporation-Radio Technical Systems (NPO-RTS) signed an agreement with India in which the Russian side agreed to provide the ILS-734 landing system. In India, 34 sets will be distributed to airports.

Russia and Ukraine
Russia and Ukraine

Rupees and Rubles will be used for transactions

These 34 radio sets will be installed at 24 different airports in India, according to the agreement. According to the embassy, India will begin receiving this equipment in November of this year. For the purposes of this Agreement, the national currencies of India and Russia, namely the Rupee and the Ruble, will be used.

Let us remind you that the Airport Authority of India has issued a tender for these landing equipment, which will be used to modernize 24 different airports across the country. The event was attended by major global companies that manufacture radio sets all over the world. However, this tender is in the hands of a Russian firm.

Business is important, according to the Russian ambassador

The contract between NPO-RTS and AAI, according to Russian Ambassador to India Denis Alipov, “became a breakthrough for Russian business in the highly competitive market of ground-based radio equipment in India.”

He stated that the contract’s successful completion will undoubtedly open up new opportunities for the implementation of joint projects for the modernization of Indian airport infrastructure. NPO-RTS has established itself as a reliable partner, according to the Russian ambassador, having completed dozens of projects for the supply of ground-based radio equipment.

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