The Yamaha X Force 155cc Scooter Makes Its Debut with the R15 Engine

The Yamaha X-Force gains some features over the Aerox 155, which is available in India.

All of the nice things goes to Japan. We’ve been telling people this for a long time and it hasn’t changed anything. When it comes to the automotive business, this is especially true. JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) vehicles have a cult following because they are so good. These JDM autos have a completely drool-worthy modification culture.

Despite the fact that India is one of the world’s major two-wheeler markets, Japanese automakers rarely bring their whole product lineup to the country. Yamaha is in the same boat. A new entry has joined the company’s motorbike and scooter repertoire for JDM.

Yamaha X Force 155cc Scooter 2022

Yamaha has been putting its 155cc engine to good use in scooters. We’ve seen the NMax 155, the Aerox 155, and now Yamaha has equipped a new maxi-scooter with the powerful R15 engine. The X-Force maxi-styled scooter from Yamaha is the newest child on the block.

The 2022 Yamaha X Force 155cc Scooter is aimed for millennials and Generation Z, as seen by its young and sporty appearance. X-Force is built on Yamaha’s successful Aerox 155 platform, just like the NMax maxi-scooter. This currently Japan-only scooter lacks one feature that makes it more practical than the Aerox 155 and NMax 155. That is the spine’s core axis.

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The lack of a central spine has created a lot of foot space, as well as a lot of luggage space thanks to the flat floor board. It has the same liquid-cooled, single-cylinder 155 cc engine with VVA (variable valve actuation) that produces 14.7bhp and 14 Nm as the Aerox 155. Similar fuel efficiency estimates to the Aerox 155 are also expected.

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Launch & Features

In terms of features, the X-Force has LED illumination throughout and a USB charging connection for charging electronic devices on the road. It is equipped with a fully digital instrument cluster that is Bluetooth enabled. Users can link their cellphones to the LCD cluster to receive call and SMS alerts, as well as other connected functions.

The headlamps are separated into two chambers, one for low beam and the other for high beam. The scooter’s front indicators are nicely integrated into the body. A Yamaha logo and a smoked visor divert wind blast away from the rider are visible above the headlights. It has a 267 mm front disc and a 230 mm rear disc, with a dual-channel ABS system connecting the two.

The suspension consists of telescopic units in the front and twin shockers in the back. In contrast to the 14″ wheels on the Aerox 155, this scooter has 13″ wheels. The front is shod with 120/70 rubber, while the back is shod with 130/70 rubber.

Yamaha is asking JPY 3,96,000 (Rs. 2.3 lakh ex-showroom) for the X-kit. Force’s Yamaha is unlikely to introduce this scooter to India, given that its brother, the Aerox 155, costs Rs. 1.38 lakh (ex-showroom). Yamaha would have a hard time justifying a platform that costs nearly twice as much. In Japan, it mostly competes against Honda’s Vario 160.

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