‘The Way She talks…’: Donald Trump Mocks Kamala Harris’ Accent | World News

Washington: United States former President Donald Trump on Wednesday (local time) mocked Vice President Kamala Harris` accent and said she “speaks in rhyme.” Trump was speaking to former Fox News presenter Tucker Carlson after he skipped the first GOP debate and instead opted for the interview. In the interview with Carlson, Trump spoke on the possibility of Vice President Kamala Harris coming out as a candidate for the next Presidential election. Trump said, “Well, not really… She has some bad moments. Her moments are almost as bad as it is. I think his (Joe Biden) is worse, actually. Yeah. She speaks in, in rhyme. And, it`s weird., but she has bad moments.” 

“Well, the way she talks, (mocking tone) the bus will go here and then the bus will go there because that`s what buses do. And it`s weird. The whole thing is weird. This is not a president of the United States future. And, I think they probably have some kind of a primary and other people will get involved,” he added. In the interview, Trump also slammed President Joe Biden and said that he is “worse mentally than physically. “Recalling the incidents where Biden was captured falling from the stairs of his aircraft, Trump said that The President can`t walk. He further stated that Biden can`t even lift his “feet out of the grass” and can`t lift the chair as well.

Talking about Biden`s beach picture, Trump said, “This beach is seeming to play a big role, but they love pictures of him (Biden) on the beach. I think it looks terrible on the beach. Well, he can`t walk through the sand. You know, sand is not that easy to walk through, but when he walks, he can`t walk through the sand. And there`s somebody in there that looks fabulous at the beach. I think he looks horrible at the beach. Plus the beach doesn`t represent what the president is supposed to be doing?”

“You`re supposed to be working. You`re supposed to be getting ahead of that horrible, horrible war that we`re very much involved in with Russia. And Ukraine. You could do that. You could do that very easily. I believe you could do that very well. I don`t believe he could do it because he`s just incompetent. But that`s a war that should end immediately, not because of one side or the other, but because hundreds of thousands of people are being killed. Can you imagine you`re in an apartment house and rockets are going into that building and blowing it up and knocking it down?”Trump claimed that if he was President, then the Russia-Ukraine war would never have started.

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