The Trailer for Kannada Comedy Drama ‘Family Pack’ has Been Released

Prime Video released the trailer for the much-anticipated Kannada comedy drama ‘Family Pack’ on Thursday.

The film is an endearing tale of human emotions directed by Arjun Kumar S and produced under the banner of late Puneeth Rajkumar’s PRK Productions. It stars Rangayana Raghu, Amruta Iyengar, and Likith Shetty.

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The trailer gives us a glimpse into the storey by introducing us to Abhi, a boy who has lost all hope and will to live until he has a chance encounter with a ghost who gives him a new life. However, things become more complicated when the ghost realises that their lives and fates are linked on a deeper level.

Kannada Comedy Drama
Kannada Comedy Drama

“I am delighted to bring a light-hearted storey like ‘Family Pack’ on Prime Video,” director Arjun Kumar said of the release. The film has a good mix of humour and drama, and it’s full of endearing moments that will appeal to audiences all over the world. The actors have given their all to bring this film to life, and I hope that their efforts are reflected on screen. We’re looking forward to our film’s release in India and beyond.”

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“Family Pack appealed to me for its uniqueness and quirkiness,” says veteran actor Rangayana Raghu. Not only did the film provide me with an opportunity to try something new, but it also allowed me to explore a new side of myself as an actor. Playing a ghost onscreen is unusual, so the challenge was to make him convincing while still having an impact on the audience. I’m hoping that when Family Pack is released on Prime Video, it will garner positive feedback and entertain viewers.”

The film is part of Prime Video’s recent multi-film partnership with late Kannada film star Puneeth Rajkumar’s PRK Productions, which will be available exclusively to Prime members around the world.

According to a Prime Video statement, the three films are “an ode to the craft and legacy of the late actor and filmmaker Puneeth Rajkumar, whose contribution to cinema is unmatched.”

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On February 17, ‘Family Pack’ will be available on Prime Video in India and 240 other countries and territories around the world.

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