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The Top Things to Do in Williston ND


Williston ND, is the regional hub of North Dakota, situated at the juncture of the Yellowstone and Missouri river. The area developed aggressively in the late 19th century owing to its agricultural expansion and development in oil production.

These signs of progress contributed to the lifestyle of the natives and helped them convert the town to a major tourist attraction. Today, Williston houses a legion of landmarks and sights and has become one of the fastest economies in the States.

If this wonderful city has found a spot on your travel list this vacay season, there are certain things you must know before heading to it. Before proceeding further, make sure your ESTA is up to date as it is mandatory for entering the United States. Apply for ESTA online today and start packing your bags for a trip that will gift you loving memories for a lifetime.

What To Do in Williston ND

From historical sites, lakes, and recreation centres to theatres, parks, and entertainment arenas, Williston offers a zillion fun and insightful opportunities to travellers and has something for everyone.

Something for art enthusiasts

Art enthusiasts find James Memorial Art Center extremely fascinating. It holds special events and exhibits throughout the year where people can also enrol in workshops and discover their hidden artists.

Some great architecture to explore

History has found its way in every architectural piece of Williston, and you can check out the sites like Cut Buff Outlook and Fort Union Trading post to get familiarized with the city’s past.

Beautiful landscapes to view

 Head your way towards Kirby Family to enjoy the beautiful natural landscape and pay a visit to the Grande Liberte Farm for astonishing horse performances. If you want to take home a little something from your amazing trip to Williston, the Back Door antique gift shop might have the perfect souvenir for you.

Entertainment in Williston ND

Now, what are the entertainment options when you head to Williston? Williston has no shortage of entertainment options, and the Recreation Center offers a vast spectrum of facilities for fitness and sports enthusiasts. If you travel with kids and wish to spend some quality indoor time, this place is definitely a treat!

Why not play some tennis?

From tennis & basketball courts, golf simulators, and pristine pool to workout zone and adventure water activities, you will be able to enjoy quality family time here. Bowling lovers can also visit the Strike Zone Bowling Alley and have a lot of fun at a gaming arcade featuring a multitude of old-school as well as new-age games.

How about a great movie night?

A relaxing movie night at the Grand Theatre is a great option if you want to take a break from all the adventure. You can also go shopping and Dining downtown and capture the true essence of Williston.

Did you want to explore some events?

For those wanting to participate in events to understand the culture of this booming city, plan your trip around August to November to become a part of the famous North Dakota Cherry Festival and Harvest Festival.

Fun Things to Do in Williston ND

Fishing is one of the most favourite endeavours taken up by visitors in Williston, ND since ample perfect spots surround it. If you are interested in marine-related activities and want to experience the shore-life, go for a fishing day trip at Missouri or Yellowstone rivers.

Nature lovers will love Williston ND

There are over 300 bird species in areas adjacent to Williston where you and your loved ones can enjoy birdwatching. Ensure that you do not litter the natural landscape and respect the regulations laid down by respected authorities as these regions are mostly enlisted as wildlife protection areas.

Check out Trenton Lake for Canoeing and Kayaking. If you are looking for a more adventurous water sports experience, Sakakawea Lake is the best choice for you. The upper bay of this lake also features hiking and bike riding options to add to your escapade.

Experience a beautiful sunset

Williston Nd is famous for its magnificent sunsets, and you can have a great date or picnic with your partner amongst the scenic prairies and vistas. Away from the crowd and chaos, you’d love the night sky here and can indulge in peaceful stargazing.

Decided on Williston already? There’s only one thing left to do. Check ESTA status online and start planning your trip. You’d need to be a little extra flexibility with your travel itinerary. Williston has a lot more to offer than you can imagine! Ensure you apply for your ESTA earlier. It takes around three days for approval, and you can travel for a good two years from the date of issue.

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