The T20 World Cup: Dinesh Karthik Gives Himself a Number of Options: Dravid Rahul

According to India head coach Rahul Dravid, who wants to establish a core group of 18-20 players by the end of the England series, Dinesh Karthik as a “enforcer” provides up a lot of choices heading into the T20 World Cup.

To be a part of the World T20 set-up, Dravid will need to do more than just “knock on the door.” Anyone who wants to be a part of the 15-man squad will have to “knock it down.”

“It was great to see Karthik take the initiative and perform what he was assigned. That’s great, and it gives us a lot more alternatives moving ahead “After the five-match series against South Africa ended in a 2-2 draw, Dravid stated.

Rain Forced The Cancellation of The Previous Game

“He was picked for what he has been doing exceptionally well for the last two or three years (in the IPL) and kind of indicated in the sense that it almost came together in the game at Rajkot,” Dravid said of the Tamil Nadu dasher’s 27-ball-55, which was instrumental in India regaining parity in the series.

Karthik and Hardik Pandya, according to Dravid, are the two “enforcers” in the death overs.
“We needed a huge performance in the last five overs to go to par, and he and Hardik batted brilliantly. Finally, both of them are enforcers for us “Dravid outlined the role that Karthik will play for the squad.
Karthik has built a strong case for himself heading into the T20 World Cup, according to the coach.

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“I was telling the lads that you have to start pounding on the door, not just knocking on it, and innings like that (Rajkot fifty) indicate that he is pounding on it extremely hard.”

Dravid refuses to set a deadline, but by the end of the England T20I series, he wants to have a good notion of the 18 to 20 players he’ll be considering for the World Cup in Australia.

After a one-off Test, India and England will play six white-ball games (July 7-17).

“As the event approaches, you’ll want to finalise your squad, or if you don’t, you’ll want to have some contingencies in place, given the society we live in today. Obviously, you only want to bring 15 players to the World Cup, but you’ll need to identify the top 18 to 20 players “He responded to a question about his position on his core team.

“Obviously, there may be some unexpected changes due to injury or other factors beyond your control, but we’ll begin working to solidify that squad as soon as feasible.

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“It’s impossible to say whether that will happen in the next series (Ireland) or the series after that (England), but we are absolutely seeking to achieve that as soon as possible,” he said.

Gaikwad and Iyer are under fire, but Gaikwad and Iyer are defended by their coach.

Ruturaj Gaikwad (96 runs in 5 games) and Shreyas Iyer are two players who have blown their chances of being a part of the World T20 core group (94 runs in 5 games). Gaikwad appears out of place in international cricket, and Iyer’s struggles against excellent pace bowling have been well documented.

Despite the fact that one will not play against Ireland (Iyer is in the Test team) and the other is unlikely to get any more starts, the head coach chose to be a little more sympathetic towards the pair.

“We are not going to respond in such a way on anybody. I dislike passing judgement on someone based on a single series or game “Dravid remarked.

“On a couple of tough surfaces, Shreyas showed a lot of determination and performed extremely well for us. Ruturaj demonstrated his talent in just one innings. We haven’t been let down by anyone “Dravid displayed his tenacious defence from his playing days once more.

Cricket That is Aggressive in Nature

“We wanted to play a specific kind of cricket as a squad, and we were trying to play a bit more positive and attacking style of cricket right from the start, but we knew it wouldn’t always work out. However, we are definite about the type of cricket we want to play “he stated.

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Before The World T20, Even Big Bash Data Must be Examined

Dravid is known for relying heavily on statistical analysis, and he would relish the opportunity to acquire knowledge on playing conditions and opponents prior to the competition.

“A lot of our boys have played in Australia, and we’ll definitely be talking to them about what tactics and techniques work,” he said.

“In terms of data and analysis, we’ll look at all games being played in Australia, including international games like the Big Bash, and we’ll undertake all of our research and background work in terms of analysis.

“We can’t change it since we don’t have a series against them (Australia in Australia). I guess we’ll have to make do with the two weeks we have before the World Cup and make the most of it.”

This will be a New England Test Team

In England, Rahul Dravid enjoyed playing Test cricket and now coaches a Test squad. He believes that the one-off ‘fifth Test’ against the hosts will be a different prospect than last year, when the side led 2-1 before the last game was cancelled because to Covid-19 cases in the India camp.

“England is playing well right now, and this year will be different from last year, when England was likely on the backfoot. They’ve had some terrific games, and we’ve got a good team as well “Dravid was alluding to England’s series victory over New Zealand, which was won by Ben Stokes’ team.
“I enjoyed playing Test cricket, watching Test cricket, and coaching Test cricket, so you know, I’m looking forward to it,” he said.

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