The Spain ATP Cup Captain Appears To Mock Novak Djokovic

Tomas Carbonell, the captain of Spain’s ATP Cup squad, attempted to take a jab at Novak Djokovic. Carbonell was requested to deliver a few words on the court after Canada defeated Spain in the ATP Cup final. Carbonell said something fascinating to the crowd when he “promised” the crowd that the entire Spanish team will have a COVID-19 passport.

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Djokovic was delayed for nine hours at Melbourne Airport before his visa was revoked by the Australian Border Force. After Carbonell’s remark, the audience erupted in applause. “We can only offer two things as a former Spanish player and as a Spanish captain…

We will fight until the end, and we can assure you that we will all have Covid passports “Carbonell declared during the trophy presentation on the court.

The Australian authorities were slammed by Djokovic’s brother.

Djokovic was taken to an immigration guesthouse after his visa was revoked. Djokovic’s brother, Djordje, told Gaspar Ribeiro Lanca, “He was transported to a migrant motel to an unclean room without any things, which he was told would be restored to him upon his return to Europe.

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Spain ATP Cup Captain
Spain ATP Cup Captain

“He was handled as if he were a criminal, despite the fact that he is a healthy and nice man who is a sportsman who has not endangered anyone’s life and has committed no federal or legal offence.” Meanwhile, Jelena Djokovic, Djokovic’s wife, stated a few days ago that she was attempting to find gratitude and understanding in this position.

“For us, it is Christmas, and my wishes are for everyone to be healthy, happy, safe, and with their families. We wish we could all be together today, but at the very least, we are all healthy. We will learn from this experience, and we will become better people as a result of it “Jelena expressed her thoughts.

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“Thank you, dear people, for using your voices to transmit love to my husband all around the world. I’m taking a deep breath to relax and find gratitude (and understanding) for all that is happening right now.” On Monday, Djokovic will appear in front of a visa court.

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