The Secret To Royal Enfield- Poster Model Karan Oberoi’s Fitness And Strong Physique

Before millennial Greek-bods took over modelling industry, there were only a handful of male model celebrities that could rock a bare body shot just as the top model Karan Oberoi – often complimented for his short hair, chiseled six pack abs and a torso. The fashion & fitness model and actor made his modelling debut in 2011, since then he has starred in leading numerous brand advertisements such as Royal Enfield bikes, Isuzu, Fashion big bazaar, Reebok India, along with being popular for his lean ripped physique in the modelling industry majorly ruled by very slim models. Maintaining a beautiful lean and muscular body has always been challenging for male models, but notable model Karan Oberoi has not just proved himself as a supermodel, be that walking the ramp for top fashion designers or modelling for designer fashion labels but on the fitness front too. He has been slaying year after year be that getting featured on the cover page of fitness magazines like Men’s Health or modelling for top fitness brands.

Karan Oberoi model

Super model Karan Oberoi’s social media fan following especially Instagram is a proof to that. A number of fans often turn up to Karan, to know his fitness secrets. He is an inspiration for many especially the youth and no doubt hold ‘Top Fitness Model’ title that was awarded to him by the leading publication. Discipline, dedication, perseverance, Hard work, strict Diet are the words attached to this top model’s success. His damn sexy adorable physique has made him a super star and a darling not just in the modelling world but also with the youngsters and has definitely made him one of the most famous fitness icons in the country.

Karan Oberoi male model

Model undergoes dedicated regime every day, that is not missing his jog for one hour daily and in the gym. Oberoi makes sure not to overdo it, therefore he keeps the workout intense at the same time short not lasting for more than 1 hour. Karan has been really fond of running and thus believes cardio plays an important role in achieving lean and ripped physique. He is often seen interacting with his fans on his Instagram stories regarding how he achieved and still manages to maintain the body that’s a dream for many young boys and girls. In this article we shall discuss how to achieve a body like India’s Royal Enfield poster model Karan Oberoi. 

  • Importance of Cardiovascular exercises to look strong and fit: Karan never misses his daily jog. He runs for an hour every day no matter how busy he is with his work. He gives a lot of importance to Cardiovascular exercises majorly running. Any Cardiovascular activity for an hour on consistent heart rate can help one burn a lot of calories. Running additional to burning calories also helps in losing fat that  enhances the visibility of ripped hard abs and appearance of veins around muscles.
  • Excluding excessive sugar, sodium and Maida from diet: Karan believes that to have a lean and muscular body it is very important to discard sugar the diet, eating less of salt and Maida from the diet as they all contribute in bloating and doesn’t help to lose weight. 
Karan oberoi Fashion Model
  • Occasional lifting is enough:  Karan believes everyday going to gym might not be the right strategy if your aim is to get lean body like a model. Cardio can’t be missed but gym somewhere can, according to India’s top model Karan Oberoi. It is therefore advisable that you do less of lifting weights and do more of Cardiovascular exercises. Gym has its own contribution in the manner that it helps your muscles to tone up but definitely if you are over doing it, it might just lead to injury and at the same time body can become too stiff.
  • Drink a lot of fluids: Super model Karan Oberoi stresses on the importance of drinking a lot of fluids. If your aim is to look shredded as this could not just help in water regulation from the body, but also helps in keeping body cool. Drinking water, green tea, and fruit juices such as oranges, apples, watermelon and strawberries that are low in sugar, not just helps in weight reduction but can also help in achieving lean muscular body.
Karan oberoi Indian model
  • Eating Fibre rich foods: Fibre rich foods like green leafy vegetables and low sugar fruits should also be the part of one’s diet. Including vegetables like broccoli, spinach, fenugreek, pomegranate and papaya can do wonders. 
  • Consume high protein food: Including high protein foods such as lean meat; fish and chicken, cottage cheese, soya and sprouts in the diet can give an amazing result. Our muscles are made of protein, therefore consuming high protein foods combined with daily cardio activates can help to achieve that look. 
  • Discipline is a key: To achieve a great healthy and beautiful body, discipline plays a major role. Fitness requires discipline that is not missing your cardio sessions, sleeping for at least 8 hours a day at one go, and dedication towards your fitness goals can help you achieve your desired look according to leading Indian model Karan Oberoi.

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