The Reluctant Entrepreneur: Who Is The Sole Heiress Of The Rs 7,000-Crore Firm Who First Refused To Run It, But Ended Up Taking The Company’s Helm, Know The Tata Connection | Companies News

New Delhi: Making decisions can be challenging, and making wise decisions quickly can be much more challenging. Jayanti Chauhan experienced the same thing when she turned down her father’s offer to run his Rs 7,000 crore packaged water bottle brand Bisleri. Her father even opted to sell the business to Tata because she had no interest in continuing the Bisleri legacy. But Jayanti made the big life decision and ended up taking the company’s helm. 

This article will introduce you to the life of Jayanti Chauhan, the daughter of billionaire Ramesh Chauhan, and provide the answers to your concerns about why she first resisted working for her father’s multi-crore company before deciding to take the helm of Bisleri. 

Who Is Jayanti Chauhan?

Jayanti Chauhan is the daughter of Ramesh Chauhan, a seasoned industrialist who founded Bisleri, one of the country’s oldest manufacturers of bottled mineral water. Additionally, her father was crucial in developing Indian businesses including Thumbs Up, Gold Spot, and Limca. Currently, Jayanti holds the position of vice chair of Bisleri International.

Why Did Ramesh Chauhan Want To Sell Bisleri?

Since Jayanti Chauhan was not interested in running Bisleri, Ramesh Chauhan searched for a buyer. According to Chauhan, no one was in charge of running the business. His daughter had no desire to work at the Bisleri company. So, Chauhan consented to sell Bisleri to Tata Consumer Products. It was discovered that Tata had expressed interest in buying the company for Rs 7,000 crore. Tata, however, pulled out of the acquisition procedure. After Tata withdrew from the acquisition process, Chauhan told the media that they did not want to sell Bisleri and that Jayanti would operate the business alongside a skilled staff under the direction of CEO Angelo George.

Why Didn’t Jayanti Chauhan Accept The Bisleri Offer?

The majority of Jayanti’s childhood was spent in Delhi, Bombay, and New York City. Also known as JRC, she successfully finished a course in product creation at the Los Angeles Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. She also pursued studies in fashion styling and photography in London. 

When Jayanti was 24 years old, she began working at Bisleri. She had intermittently worked for the company over the years. Jayanti aggressively streamlined the procedures for Bisleri Mineral Water, Vedica Natural Mineral Water from the Himalayas, Fizzy Fruit Drinks, and Bisleri Hand Purifier. She contributed significant marketing and branding insights while actively participating in Bisleri’s development of advertising and communications.

So, what made Jayanti turn down the offer to lead Bisleri after spending so much time working in the company? The answer to this question is that Jayanti grappled with an important life-changing decision, like many of us. Jayanti went through a decision-making process that was challenging and complex. But Jayanti has finally made the important decision to oversee her father’s multi-crore business and bring it to the pinnacle of success.

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