The Rajya Sabha has been adjourned for the day

The Rajya Sabha has been adjourned for the day

The Rajya Sabha was adjourned for the day shortly after the laying of papers on Friday, with Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu urging the government and opposition to reach an agreement on the issue of MP suspension.

Soon after the listed papers were tabled, the chairman announced that he had met with House Speaker Piyush Goyal and some senior opposition members and requested that they hold discussions.

“I met with the Speaker of the House and a few senior members of the opposition today. I’d like to appeal to each of you to reach some sort of agreement so that the house can function normally “He informed the members of the group.

Rajya Sabha
Rajya Sabha

“I am adjourning the house to meet on Monday to facilitate discussion among yourselves,” the chairman announced minutes after the house had met for the day.

The opposition has been disrupting the house’s proceedings for several days.

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The upper house is deadlocked over the suspension of 12 MPs, and the house’s functioning has been hampered by opposition members’ protests calling for their suspensions to be lifted.

The opposition is demanding that MPs’ suspensions be revoked because the action is undemocratic and against the rules, while the government wants them to apologise first before revoking their suspensions, saying they were willing to do so.

On the first day of the winter session, twelve Rajya Sabha MPs from various opposition parties were suspended for their unruly behaviour on the last day of the Monsoon session on August 11.

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