The pTron Force X11 Is A No-Nonsense smartwatch that costs less than Rs 3,000.

The pTron Force X11 is a budget smartwatch with Bluetooth calling that costs less than Rs 3,000, but is it any good? Continue reading to learn more.
The sheer number of smartwatch companies operating in India is staggering. Many good-value watches fall into this category, with prices starting at under Rs 3000. The pTron Force X11, a rectangular watch with an excellent blend of functionality and price, is the latest budget wristwatch we have for review.

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What’s excellent about pTron Force X11?

The pTron Force X11 has a straightforward design, with a rectangular dial and ordinary silicone straps that are all too typical in this market. The design is both utilitarian and comfortable to wear for long periods of time. However, there is no luxury touch or distinguishing feature here.
The watch has a 1.7-inch TFT display that is rather nice. At this price, it isn’t an AMOLED, but it does the job. The side bezels aren’t too thick to detract from the overall experience, but the chin is a little larger.

The pTron Force X11
The pTron Force X11

The watch’s interface is very smooth to use, with no stuttering. The widgets feature a side-to-side layout, and the main menu comes in two layouts, including one that looks like an Apple Watch.

The watch’s sensors are usually reliable, although you may need to tighten the strap a notch to get the most exact results, especially when tracking heart rate and blood oxygen. The step counter was not particularly precise, with readings being off by 10-20 steps per 100-150 steps on a regular basis.

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While there are modes for walking, running, skipping, cycling, badminton, football, basketball, and swimming, rival watches provide a lot more dedicated sports modes. Other features on the Force X11 that are often seen on other phones, such as music control and camera shutter, operate well.
The Bluetooth calling feature is quite effective. On the microphone, you can clearly hear the other party. People who used the smartwatch also mentioned that the microphone reception was good. The watch’s calling software includes a built-in dialler, as well as the ability to save a few frequently used contacts for dialling directly from the watch. This is convenient because it eliminates the need to pull out your phone to contact someone when you don’t have free hands or your phone is in a bag.

The pTron Force X11
The pTron Force X11

The watch syncs with the DaFit app, which has a simple user interface and straightforward navigation. The software neatly presents all of the watch’s functionality without being overbearing, and the watchface option is particularly appealing.
The watch’s battery life is as claimed, and depending on your usage, you may get three to seven days out of a single charge. It’s worth noting that how often you utilise the Bluetooth calling capability will have a big impact on how long your battery lasts.

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What’s not to like about pTron Force X11?

At this price, the watch has no deal-breaking flaws, providing a budget-friendly experience. For fitness aficionados, the tracking and sensors could have been more accurate, and the general design language could have been more interesting, considering that the simple’rectangular dial with crown’ formula has since been imitated by numerous brands.

The pTron Force X11
The pTron Force X11

Should you get the pTron Force X11?

For Rs 2,799., the pTron Force X11 offers the whole package. Despite the fact that it doesn’t win any awards for accuracy or style, it gets the job done and is a dependable budget smartwatch with a long battery life and an easy-to-use companion app. If you’re looking for an affordable rectangular smartwatch with Bluetooth calling under Rs 3,000, this is a good option to consider.

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