The price of LPG gas increased again, the price of 19 kg commercial cylinder increased by Rs 250

With the start of a new month, the price of LPG in the country has risen once more. The price of commercial gas cylinders has been raised by Rs 250 by fuel companies.

With the start of a new month, inflation has yet to hit the pockets of ordinary people. The price of LPG gas has been raised by Rs 250 by government oil companies (LPG Price Hike). On the 19 kg commercial cylinder, however, these prices have gone up (Commercial LPG Cylinder Price Hike). The new price of this blue colour commercial LPG cylinder in Delhi (Blue Color Commercial LPG Cylinder Price In Delhi) has increased to Rs 2,253.

In Chennai, the price is 2400 plus

Commercial cylinders are now priced at Rs 2,351 in Kolkata, Rs 2,205 in Mumbai, and Rs 2,406 in Chennai, following a price increase of Rs 250. The government had previously increased the price of commercial cylinders by Rs 105 on March 1, 2022. On the other hand, when the government raised the price of domestic gas cylinders (Cooking Gas Price) on March 22, it was reduced by Rs 9.

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First, there was a squandered household budget

Although the fuel companies have not changed the price of domestic gas cylinders since April 1, the budget of the people’s house has deteriorated only 10 days ago, on March 22. The price of a 14.2 kg LPG cylinder (Domestic LPG Cylinder Price) used in households was then increased by Rs 50 in one go by the fuel companies. The price of these red-colored cylinders in Delhi had risen to 949.50 as a result of this. Previously, on October 6, 2021, their prices were changed, and the gas cylinder was priced at Rs 899.50.

Domestic LPG Gas Cylinder Price Hike cylinders cost Rs 976 in Kolkata, Rs 949.50 in Mumbai, and Rs 965.50 in Chennai following this. Every month on the first, the price of LPG in the country is reviewed. Different states and union territories have different prices.

Restaurants will suffer, as will confectioners’ budgets

Confectioners, restaurants, and other businesses use commercial cylinders more frequently. In this case, the increase of Rs 250 will have a negative impact on his monthly budget. On the other hand, they will be in high demand during weddings in the coming months, so caterers may have to raise their prices as a result.

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