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The Penthouse Season 3 Episode 7 Release Date, Cast, Preview

Penthouse 3 Episode 6 As always brought many revelations and secrets. Nevertheless, the series once again garnered the highest ratings with its unique plot. The current article is all about Penthouse 3 Episode 7 Release date and preview. The director of the Cheong-a Arts Center is again shown as Cheon Seo Jin in the last episode. A press conference is held in which she participates. Xu Dan Tae comes and congratulates him. However, she is not so happy with his presence. But, they are the shareholders and they have to bear it. Yoon Byol appears to be recovering in the hospital.

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However, it is not because Yoon-hee’s death still haunts him. Furthermore, she sees that her mother, Seo Jin is pushing her. Eun Byeol wants to forget everything and asks Seo Jin for a medicine for the same. Seo-jin, in the end, gives him medicine after he throws tantrums. Meanwhile, Rona is very curious to find out what happened to her mother and also shows Sue Ryon a board made by Yoon-hee. On the other hand, Ma-ri becomes suspicious of her husband when he starts acting strangely. In the end, she tells him the truth about how Dan Tae is blackmailing her. Mi-Rae goes to Su-Reon and tells the truth. But, Su-ryeon also curses Dong-pil.

Now, Ma-ri also intends to bring Dan Tae to justice and begins collecting evidence against him using contacts from her bathhouse. Seo Jin is also a survivor as Ban Hong arrives and taunts him relentlessly. Also, Su-ryeon learns of Dan Tae teaming up with Bun Hong. On the other hand, Su-ryeon starts to suspect Joon-ki and starts following her. He was with Seo Jin at the time. In addition, Joon-ki also has a bad gambling habit. Dan Tae also came to know about his weakness. Eun-byol is shown to stick to the story of losing her memories and trying to kill her. Also, she tells the same to Ro-Na. But, Ro-Na somehow doubts him. Soo-ryeon adopts the personality of Ai-gyo once again to take revenge on everyone. She carefully gets a butterfly tattoo done on her back.

penthouse 3 episode 7 release date

Penthouse 3 Episode 7 Release Date is July 16, 2021 22:00 KST on SBS TV Network. In such a situation, there are five days left for the release of episode 7. It will air as usual on Friday of the coming week. After that, there will be five more episodes left for the completion of episode 7 of the third season.

What is the release date of The Penthouse 3 Episode 7?

Penthouse 3 Episode 7 Preview

Penthouse 3 Episode 7 has got 26 seconds preview. The preview reveals that Chen Seo is getting tough with Jin Yoon Byol. She tells him that Yoon Byol has to do better than her. We also see Seo Jin playing the piano and Eun Byol working hard. Furthermore, with Oh Yoon Hee’s death and pressure on him by his mother, everything is weighing on Yoon Byol. In one instance, she falls down thinking that she has to win the audition, no matter what. She also takes some medicines to calm herself down. On the other hand, Joo Dan asks Tae to accept Seok-hoon as his death.

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The preview also shows Ha Eun-cheol’s anxiety and anger hitting the wall. In his example, Seok-hoon is also trying to distance himself from Bae-rona. She tries to hold his hand. However, he takes out the same and says that they should part ways as he can no longer do so. Kang Ma Ri is shown fighting with her husband. She says that she is not as stupid as him and is not afraid of Xu Dan Tae at all. Chairman Song Hee-soo is seen meeting with Joo Dan Tae over some deals. He asks her what will be her collateral to which she calls The Penthouse.

Then, in another case, we see Bae-rona and Seo-jin fighting. Seo Jin tries to raise his hand on Be-Ronna. However, the crying stops and tells Seo Jin about why Yoon died. Further, she asks what is the reality of today? Eun-cheol further works to get Logan Lee to understand and says that he has something important to tell him. Shim Soo Ryon appears and tells about being a lobbyist for Dohe Construction.


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