The Patna High Court has ordered Sahara Group’s Subrata Roy to appear on May 11th

News from the Patna High Court: Once upon a time, the Sahara Group, which was involved in some of the country’s largest corporations, is currently experiencing financial difficulties. In the Patna High Court, more than 2000 people have filed an intervention petition to get the money stuck in the company released. The Patna High Court has ordered Sahara Group CEO Subrata Roy to appear on May 11 in the same case.

Patna. The country’s biggest industrialist and Sahara Group chief, Subrata Roy, has been summoned by Patna High Court. The Patna High Court has summoned industrialist Subrata Roy Sahara, also known as Sahara Shri, on May 11 to appear in court.

While hearing the petition of petitioner Pramod Kumar, the Single Bench of Justice Sandeep Kumar granted Sahara time until April 27. The court had requested that the company reveal when the public funds would be returned. In fact, Sahara Company had deposited money from thousands of customers in various schemes under the guise of investment, and the money had not been returned even after the period had expired.

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Subrata Roy
Subrata Roy

In response to this, over 2000 people filed an intervention petition in the Patna High Court. Investors are concerned that their money has been stuck for years and are making their way from court to Sahara’s office. Thousands of people have been caught up in the company’s various schemes.

The High Court had previously directed the Sahara Company to explain how the hard-earned money of the poor people of Bihar, which had been deposited by investors in various Sahara Company schemes, could be transferred as soon as possible. Will be returned as soon as possible.

During the hearing on Wednesday, Sahara Company’s lawyer, Umesh Prasad Singh, told the High Court that Sahara had prepared a number of options for returning the money to customers, but the court dismissed their arguments and issued the order. In this case, the High Court has stated that it will issue an appropriate order. In order for investors to receive their funds.

The High Court had previously stated that if the Sahara Company does not explicitly inform the Court by April 27, the High Court will issue an appropriate order in this matter, allowing the investors’ money to be returned. Could. The court had given the company until April 27 to clarify its plans.

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