The Next-Generation BMW M5 Hybrid will have a V8 Engine with More than 700 Horsepower

For the first time, the next-generation M5 will be available in a petrol-hybrid powertrain.

As BMW’s M performance car division moves toward electrification for all of its products, the seventh-generation M5 will get a new petrol-hybrid powertrain.

The upcoming M2 will be BMW M’s final pure internal combustion model, while the XM full-size performance SUV will be the company’s first electrified vehicle.

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  • Next-gen BMW M5 to have more than 700hp
  • Will come with a petrol hybrid V8
  • Upcoming BMW M2 will be the last pure petrol M car

The Next-Generation M5 is Expected to have 700 Horsepower or More

The new M5 super-sedan, which will go on sale globally by 2024, is one of a series of M models that will switch from a conventional petrol engine to plug-in hybrid power, boosting its power and performance. A source close to the German carmaker confirmed to our sister publication, Autocar UK, that the new hybrid drivetrain will boost its reserves to “over 700hp” and offer “limited electric drive compatibility.”

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The car will have a rear-mounted electric motor, according to Autocar UK, as well as a slew of other major engineering changes. The in-house synchronous unit is said to work in conjunction with a further developed version of BMW’s twin-turbocharged 4.4-litre V8 engine, which is currently used in the sixth-generation BMW M5 and codenamed the S63. The electric motor is expected to boost the M5’s reserves by more than 200 horsepower, to around 790 horsepower.

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Drive will be routed through an eight-speed torque-converter automatic gearbox with steering-wheel-mounted shift paddles, similar to the BMW M5, while a fully variable xDrive four-wheel drive system will provide a distinct rear-biased apportioning of power in the car’s more performance-oriented driving modes.

The Next-Generation BMW M5 will Feature Unique M Styling Tweaks

The next M5 will have widened front and rear tracks, a performance brake system, and quad tailpipes like the outgoing model, which will set it apart from the upcoming new 5-series sedan. The super-sedan will have unique front and rear bumpers, different alloy wheel options, and M-badging all over, including the interior, which will include carbon-fibre bits and other unique M performance treatment.

Before the next-generation BMW M5, the new 5-series will go on sale. More information on both models will be released in the coming months.

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