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The Next Big Thing in Voice Over


The voice over industry is a forever growing market. You can make plenty of money if you decide to invest in the voice-over industry by following the proper strategy. With the advent of the internet, a lot of traction is being produced from online TTS software, online text to audio converter and other digital marketplaces. 

The online platforms which give voice overs on free or paid basis are now becoming increasingly popular. With AI integrated, the voices that come from online text to voice platforms are very realistic and can be used for any content, personal or commercial. 

Will Consumer Behaviour Change with Voice Over?

The content industry is always on a rising side as consumers are feeding mostly on creative content even more due to the pandemic situation. Consumers can interact with the internet much more easily through voice application software as an alternative to keyboards and touchscreens. It is being said that consumer behavior will change with the advent of voice-over. But if it is true then how will this change in shopping, learning, and communicating take place is one of the most essential questions to be answered. 

Why Are Voice Overs Effective Content Creation Tools? 

Online videos are essential to advertise the service or product produced by your business. With the rise of social media, video is an extremely effective form of content. Now, if a persuasive voice-over is added to your advertisement video, then it can leave a memorable mark on your consumers. This is the reason for success for next gen popular social media apps like clubhouse.

Consumers spend time watching videos and stay on your page for a long time which increases sales and conversion rate. Video editing tools are becoming costlier so creating a video with proper voice-over is expensive and difficult. But it also provides a better return on investment than other tools. 

One other way to get online voice overs which are cost effective. There are many popular online text to voice services that can help content creators to make voice overs at scale without hiring expensive voice over artists. 

Voice Over
The Next Big Thing in Voice Over

Rise Of TTS Platforms

Various free and paid TTS platforms can act as the next-generation voice-over tools. The new TTS Platforms produce exactly human-like voices with proper emotions that will help grab the audience’s attention. Audiences emotionally connect better by watching a story through videos. On top of that if we can add a realistic persuasive voice-over through new-age TTS tools, then conversion rates increase highly. 

Building trust amongst your consumers is extremely important as many people are still sceptical about shopping online. This can be done best with conversational videos and voice overs. If your site has good content and people spend time watching it, then it also increases the search rankings.

How Is the Voice Revolution Affecting Consumers?

As per an Adobe report published in 2019, it was said that 40% of consumers have a smart voice speaker. It was even stated that one in every four citizens were using voice assistants by the end of 2019. 

With the advent of voice technology, customer experience has improved and the technology is convenient and comfortable to use. Consumers are using voice technology for every aspect of life like setting alarms, playing music, seeking addresses and information, and more. People have even agreed that advertisements on smart speakers are more interesting than advertisements on television. 


Because the voice revolution is gaining momentum and popularity amongst consumers, marketers must think about different ways to incorporate this technology in their marketing scheme. Firstly the marketers need to understand how the voice moulds into the customer journey and then develop a test plan. And, then make sure that the content should be voice-first content and do not recycle the old contents and creative assets. After you receive the results, explore them and change strategies for better profit.

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