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New Delhi: Actor Vijay Krishna who has been part of an award-winning Kannada film Act 1978, Kyaabre and the web show Avrodh season 2 is currently seen playing the main antagonist in The Kerala Story starring alongside Adah Sharma, Yogita Bihani and others which is helmed by director Sudipto Sen.

The actor gets candid about his role, how he prepped for it and his experience in the film.

Vijay said, “I play Ishak, who is the antagonist in The Kerala Story. He is as lost and rebellious as most boys his age. He’s originally a Christian who then converts to Islam, and when he joins ISIS, he discovers a sense of purpose, even if it means abandoning his moral compass. Ishak isn’t afraid to kill or take a bullet, for what he believes is his path to redemption.”


Sharing about how he prepped for the character, he says, “Preparing for my role as Ishak was a journey in itself, one that required more psychological preparation, to be honest. To bring Ishak’s character to life authentically, I had to understand his motivations. Acting, after all, is about portraying the truth under imaginary circumstances. As an actor who values non-violence and compassion, playing Ishak whose moral compass is completely opposite was challenging. In terms of physicality, I tried to unlearn my own physical training and find a different physicality to enable his menacing presence to be felt. We also went through some language training to be able to speak the bits of Malayalam that you will see on screen.”

Speaking about what attracted him to the story, he says, “To me, this is a heart-wrenching story of these young women who are unknowingly ensnared into the clutches of ISIS and are subjected to unimaginable atrocities. It’s a harrowing account of abuse that demands to be heard. It’s a powerful narrative of remarkable courage, and triumph of good over evil. Above all, it’s a poignant tale of the enduring bonds of family, the unbreakable connection between daughters and mothers, and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of unspeakable horrors.”

Describing his working experience in the film, Vijay mentioned, “The Kerala Story was an unforgettable experience. Most of my scenes in the film are with Adah. Not only is she an amazing actor, but also an incredible person who made every day on set a joy. That in fact enabled us to realistically portray the characters of Ishaak and Shalini.”

“However, it wasn’t just Adah who shone in the film – every actor brought their A-game and delivered outstanding performances. There were moments in the film that were so emotional that even I found myself tearing up, which is rare for me during movies. The scenes between the mother and daughter were especially touching and had my heart aching for them,” he concluded.

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