The girl gave the same bed on rent on which she sleeps! You will be stunned to hear the rant…

For those who sleep with their partner, a full double bed is insufficient. However, people who are single, need only one part of the bed to sleep. In such situations, many times the second part seems useless. Those people whose mind is business minded, they definitely find their advantage here also. Let us introduce you to one such girl, who has found a great idea.

According to the report of Daily Star, a girl named Anya Ettinger is using the other empty part of her bed in a way that no one would have ever imagined. The girl has put the empty bed space on rent, where anyone can come and sleep and give her money in return. In this way the girl is earning extra.

A corner of the bed for Rs 54 thousand
Anya Ettinger has made a TikTok video and posted it on Facebook’s Marketplace. She has told that she lives in Toronto and is looking for a ‘bedmate’ for herself. Since rent is very high in Toronto, she wants to find a roommate who can sleep with her on her queen-size bed. She told that she had already lived with a roommate, so this is not a big deal. For this he has kept a rent of £526 i.e. more than Rs 54,600 in Indian currency.

What will be the conditions?
The biggest condition for living with a girl is that the roommate must be a girl. This offer is not for boys at all. Whoever comes to live here will stay for at least one year. He will have to submit his pay slip, ID proof, visa and rent deposit. Whoever read this advertisement was stunned. Most of the users said that by paying Rs 54 thousand, they were getting only a small part of the queen size bed, which is not a good deal at all.

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