The First-Ever Electric Sportbike from QJMotor Goes into Production

The QJMotor RX electric motorcycle has been approved with a 5kW electric motor instead of the 7kW unit shown on the concept.

After receiving approval, Chinese manufacturer QJMotor will soon begin production of its first electric sportbike. The electric sportbike, dubbed the QJMotor RX, was first shown in the form of the QJ7000D concept in 2021.

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  • Gets cosmetic, mechanical changes over QJ7000D concept
  • Performance to be on par with 125cc petrol motorcycles
  • Could be branded as a Benelli

What We Know About QJMotor RX So Far

In terms of design, the QJMotor RX differs from the QJ7000D concept in a few ways. Instead of being flush, the headlight is angular and set further back into the fairing. The dummy fuel tank and side panels appear to have smoother lines than the concept. The charging port’s flip-out cover is also located on the left side panel.

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The RX appears to have a seat lock under the rider’s seat, as well as the innovative helmet storage area seen on the concept under the dummy fuel tank. A USD front fork, split seats, and a swingarm-mounted panel that appears to house the indicators and number plate are among the other similarities to the concept.

The RX has been approved for a smaller, 5kW electric motor (equivalent to around 6.7hp) instead of the 7kW unit shown on the concept, according to type-approval filings. Furthermore, the RX is expected to reach a top speed of 104.6 kph, putting the electric sportbike on par with 125cc petrol motorcycles.

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The RX has a gear shifter and clutch lever, which is unusual for an electric bike because most of them have single-speed transmissions. Another unusual feature of the RX is the presence of a chain drive system rather than the typical belt drive system found on electric two-wheelers. Although it is unclear at this time, QJMotor may have done so to provide a more traditional riding experience.

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Because QJMotor is owned by the Qianjiang Group, which also owns Benelli, the RX is likely to be rebranded as a Benelli and sold in other markets once it enters production. As a result, a launch in India is not ruled out. That said, don’t hold your breath for this bike to appear in local showrooms anytime soon.

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