The first bamboo village in India has now been established in Tripura

Tripura now has India’s first bamboo park, which was established to boost industries in the Northeast, as well as the state’s first-of-its-kind multi-purpose bashgram (bamboo village), which was established to boost eco-tourism in the region. According to reports, this initiative is expected to attract yoga enthusiasts, tourists, and nature lovers.

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According to reports, the bamboo village has been established near the India-Bangladesh border in Western Tripura’s Katlamara. Around 9 acres of land have been developed for this purpose by a group of young people led by bamboo architect and expert Manna Roy. According to reports, it has already attracted a large number of tourists from all over the country, including environmentalists and foreigners.

India has now been established in Tripura
India has now been established in Tripura

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According to reports, the bamboo village includes a yoga centre, playground, several ponds with diverse flora and fauna, bamboo bridges and pathways, bamboo cottages, and other environmentally friendly utilities and facilities.

Bashgram is truly a natural abode, with over 14 species of bamboo and a plethora of other natural plants, herbs, vegetation, shrubs, and flowers. In response, Roy stated that a museum would be built in the bamboo village soon, where all types of obsolete, endangered, old, and new bamboo materials would be displayed.

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He went on to say that the main goal of developing the bamboo village is to make good use of local and rural resources while not harming nature. He also stated that they have invested INR 60 lakh in the village’s development and have not taken any funds from the government or a bank.


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