The Film ‘Decoupled’ Dilnaaz Iraani Was Ecstatic To Play a Netflix Executive

The actress from ‘Aarya 2’ discusses her role in the recently released series ‘Decoupled’ and how she prepared for the role, which also stars R. Madhavan.

Following her role as a tough lawyer in Sushmita Sen’s ‘Aarya 2,’ theatre actor Dilnaz Irani is now receiving a lot of praise for her role as a Netflix executive in ‘Decoupled,’ which also streams on the same OTT platform. With a laugh, Iraani admits, “I’ll finally be playing “THE ONE,” the character who makes the final decisions about who or what will be THE ONE. What a magnificent universe design. It was a one-of-a-kind experience to play a Netflix executive on Netflix. Perhaps the first of its kind.”

When it comes to portraying a female executive, there are a lot of stereotypes. Irani says that when it comes to stereotyping the behaviour of a female corporate executive and what she thinks about it, “There has been stereotyping, of course. But isn’t that the point of the game? To go against the grain. To give her a more rounded personality and to make her a person first and a particular professional later, rather than portraying her as the stereotypical “strong” woman who works for an entertainment company and is in charge.”

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“That always makes a character more memorable. And I believe that Hardik (the director) and Manu (the writer) encouraged me to do so. In a show like Decoupled, where the writing encourages you to develop a personal character graph, breaking the mould of playing a stereotypical network executive becomes much easier. Because, on one hand, you want to portray the so-called stereotype correctly and accurately, but you also want to differentiate it within that range.”

Dilnaaz Iraani
Dilnaaz Iraani

The show, starring R. Madhavan and Surveen Chawla, has gotten a lot of positive feedback, especially for Madhavan’s performance. “Iraani says,” Iraani says “It’s a pleasure to work with Maddy. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience that he freely shares with his co-actors. There’s a lot to be learned from him. Simple things, technical things, that one takes for granted and doesn’t think about. His desire to constantly improve the scene is contagious.”

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“Not only for Maddy, but for me as well, because it was a chance to work with some of my favourite actors. With Aseem Hattangady, Atul Kumar, Akash Khurana, and Puja Swaroop, it was like a mini-theatre reunion. So when I walked onto set and saw Atul and Aseem already chilling and laughing, the entire nervousness that sometimes occurs on the first day of a shoot vanished for me. After that, it was a laugh-a-thon of epic proportions “she continues.

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